Friday, December 30, 2011

Obsession's cover...

I can't stop staring at this cover! Is it like this for every new author? 

Obsession will be released by Beachwalk Press March 19,2012!

Alexandria Stevens is a New York Times best selling romance author. She is married to the very handsome business tycoon Hudson Smyth. After Alex does a guest appearance on a popular talk show, she creates a twitter account. Within a few weeks she befriends a fan of hers on twitter. They become fast friends, or that's what Alex thinks. With Alex's career taking off with a movie deal, her happy world is shattered when she finds herself being stalked. The person she least expects is her new friend, what Alex doesn't know Jillian has hated her for years. Her hatred has turned into an obsession, Jillian changed everything about herself to get close to Alex. She wants everything she has, even her husband. Jillian won't stop until she gets what she wants.

Check my blog on Sundays for 6 sentences Sunday... I've been giving 6 sentences from each chapter. This Sunday is chapter and insert chapter that I wrote.

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