Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Here are 6 sentences from chapter 2 of Obsession.

     It was Thursday morning and she had a meeting with her agent. She’d finished the rough draft of her novel Betrayed. Her mind wandered back to Sunday night when she arrived home from the beach house. Her very seductive husband was waiting for her in the hot tub. Alex knew she was one truly lucky woman. She had a career that she loved and the most understanding, passionate, and handsome husband in the world.

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Obsession will be available Spring 2012 from Midnight Magic Press

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  1. uh oh, sounds like a setup for trouble in paradise

  2. Thanks for stopping by ladies.

    Jayel, LOL... isn't there always! ;)

    Stop bt next week for 6 from chapter 3!

  3. And yet...why do I feel so sure there's about to be trouble in paradise?

  4. she's got a good life, now you just gotta go and cause some problems for her don't ya ;)
    interesting six

  5. Methinks things aren't going to stay rosy for long(!) Great snippet. :)

  6. We should all be so lucky! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Taryn,sjmaylee,Gayle, and Vivien,

    LOL! You are all waiting for the other shoe to drop. Check back every week for six from the next chapter! Next Sunday you will get six from chapter 3, last week was six from chapter 1 if you missed her they are:

    Alexandria was driving to the beach house to try and get some much needed writing done. Her editor was chomping at the bit for her next manuscript to be finished. She was hoping a weekend away from the city would give her the much needed peace and quiet she was due. Actually, it was Hudson that suggested that she drive out to their beach house. He reminded her that fresh air and some wine seemed to always get her creative juices flowing. Of course, she didn't leave without giving her ever-patient, loving, and extremely sexy husband a proper goodbye.