Saturday, December 31, 2011

My current WIP... After the Sunset

After the Sunset is my first Young Adult story.

Here is the summary:

Kimberly is broken-hearted after her long time boyfriend Adam breaks up with her. Her best friend Amber suggests that they finally take the trip they have been talking about for over a year. With their freshmen year of college coming to a close Kim and Amber make plans to spend four fun filled days in Myrtle Beach. Amber assures Kim that this trip will be the perfect distraction and maybe a little beach fling is in order.

Kim and Amber are just relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun when Kim notices the stunning blond life guard is looking their way. Kim brushes Amber off when she points out that the hot lifeguard is actually looking at Kimberly. The next day after laying in the sun the duo decides to take a swim, a mishap causes the very hansom lifeguard to save Kimberly and changes everything. More then she ever expects happens when sparks fly between her and Daniel. Can she fight the feeling he ignites in her? On her last night there Daniel plans a romantic date on the beach at sunset and things heat up between the two quickly.

The weeks go by slow once Kimberly is back In Rhodes Island. She has kept in contact with Daniel almost daily since her return. Kimberly's world starts to fall apart when she finds out she is pregnant . How will Daniel handle the news? How will Kimberly feel when she finds out that Daniel kept a very important piece of information from her?  Kimberly is thrilled when Daniel tells her he wants to be an active part of their babies life. Can she can she overlook what happen and forgive him? 


Here is peek into After the Sunset

They arrived at the beach and lay their blanket down in what Amber called ‘the perfect spot. Kim just rolled her eyes; she really didn’t see why this spot was better than any other place on the beach. They got settled and enjoyed their day lazily laying in the sun and people watching. Kim thought she noticed the lifeguard glancing in their direction. She was sure he must be looking at Amber, because she was just a simple looking girl. She was five foot three, light brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a small frame. She felt her breasts were too small, and she hated that her body really didn't have any curves. At nineteen, she hoped her body would've been more developed. She watched out of the corner of her eye the beautiful blonde lifeguard scan the crowd as she pulled her hair up into a bun.

 “Amber, I think that blonde lifeguard over there likes you, he keeps looking over here,” Kimberly said, as she nudged her friend out of her sleepy state.

“Who? What? Where?” Amber replied eagerly.

“Over there.”  Kim pointed just as the beautiful blonde turned his head and caught her pointing at him. Kim hoped and prayed that the earth would open up and swallow her whole.

“Um, Kimberly, I think the hot lifeguard likes you.” Amber giggled.

“I... I don't think so. No one's ever interested in me.”

“Kim, stop it. You are beautiful. For some reason you have never understood that.”

Kim rolled her eyes at her best friend. “There is no way he would be interested in me, just look at him. He could have any girl here.”

“Yes, he could, but he seems to have his eyes on you.”


My personal goal is 20,000 words and to have this completed by the end of February! You can watch my progress in the side bar. 

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!!

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