Friday, January 27, 2012

Tamaria reviews Snowy Fate by Marisa Dobson

Snowy Fate by Marissa Dodson

Fate always knows when you're ready for love.

The past is catching up with Aspyn Layton. The father she never knew passed away and she is left to deal with his estate. An unexpected snowstorm has her stranded at the one place she didn’t want to be—her father’s house—with a naked man. 

Damon Andrews has a secret, one he shared with Aspyn’s father. He must convince Aspyn there is more to life then what she knows. How will she react when she finds out he is a mountain lion, and she is his mate? Their fates are intertwined.

 My review of Snowy Fate:

 Snowy Fate is a quick read that packs a quite a tale. Aspyn has always been bitter over her father's absence in her life and now being the only family left she has been left to deal with the estate after his death.

She just want's to put the past behind her and move on. While at her Father's cabin, she gets a visit from an man that stirs feelings in her especially because that man is naked and standing in her father's living room.

Damon knows from the firsts seconds he lays eyes on Aspyn's that she belongs to him. He has to help Aspyn discover her father's secret so he will accept him and embrace her future. The key to it all is the journal her father left behind.

Snowy Fate, is a sweet, sexy, heartwarming story about forgiveness and acceptance.

  You can purchase Snowy Fate at  Ruby Lioness Press   and   Amazon

About the Author:

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, I now reside about an hour from Washington, D.C. I am a lady who likes to keep busy, and am always busy doing something. With two different college degrees, I believe you are never done learning.
Being the first daughter to an avid reader, this gave me the advantage of learning to read at a young age. Since learning to read I have always had my nose in a book. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I started writing down the stories I came up with. 
I am blessed with a wonderful supportive husband, Thomas. He is my other half and allows me to stay home and pursue my writing. My writing buddies Max (a cocker spaniel) and Dawne (a beagle mix) are always around to listen to me bounce ideas off them. They might not be able to answer, but they are helpful in their own ways. 


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