Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh those plot bunnies!

The past week I have spent in edits, both for Obsession and Vows. Vows edits are done, I still have many hours of Obsession edits ahead of me this week. 

When your focus needs to be on one thing that's when they strike! 

An author friend was showing me a submission call she thought I'd be interesting in, and on the page I saw (under what she intended to show me) a call for 'cougar' stories. I've always written the older man/younger woman, never the older woman,younger man. My mind started to swirl with possibilities, I wanted to push them  away and get back to my edits, they needed to come first. 

Damn bunny wouldn't leave me alone, so I opened a Word Doc and let my mind go, and Object of My Desire was born!

Here is a quick summary:

Object of Her Desire

Caroline Dalton is forty-two. She’s beautiful, sexy, rich, and very jolted. Her ex-husband left her for a much younger woman. Caroline’s way of coping with the pain of her divorce was by having one fling after another. She continually dismissed her best friend Michelle’s concerns that her behavior will eventually destroy her.  
Not caring what anyone thinks Caroline sets her sights on the new grounds- keeper, Jayden Williams. Jayden is twenty-one, he just moved back home after finishing college, and he is the son of an old acquaintance. The fling quickly escalates and Caroline finds herself fighting deeper feelings or him.  Before she has the chance to tell him that she wants more, Jayden suddenly ends their affair.
Caroline is left heartbroken and confused until one day Michelle let’s her in on a little town gossip.  Finally understanding why Jayden broke it off with her and sets out to get him back.

This one will be fun to write! For now I need to finish my edits first, so I've tied the bunny up and gagged her! I'm just kidding, I put her to work.  I love hard boiled eggs so I have her practicing for Easter!


  1. I really look forward to reading this one!

  2. thanks I got another plot bunny last night... sighs... the opening scene played out in my head like a movie