Saturday, January 28, 2012

At the Beach... the conclusion.

Here it is, the ending of my At the beach story waves of desire.

We sat on the sand and watched the beauty of the sunset.

 “This is truly paradise.”

 “Yes it is.” He replied before he kissed me. “Now let’s go for a swim.”

 I nodded. I watched as he got up and ran into the ocean. I soon followed. It was the perfect evening for a swim. A while later, I emerged from the water to find Blake sitting on the sand watching my every move. Our eyes met and a wave of desire flowed through my body. I sat down next to him to dry off, and seconds later, I was laying on my back with my bikini top off. His hands and mouth were everywhere. He took his time worshiping each of my breasts; licking, sucking, and biting

          "Oooooh, Blake." I moaned.

          "Brenda, the sounds you make are driving me insane.” He removed my bikini bottoms while he kissed his way down my body, stopping just above my throbbing sex. His fingers started to explore me.

         "You're always so wet and ready for me.”

         I moaned in pleasure as he replaced his fingers with his tongue. Slowly, he worked my


         Before I could even catch my breath, he had his shorts off; with one thrust, he was deep inside of me. He pounded into me fast and hard. I never fully came down from my orgasm, and I could feel another orgasm building. I closed my eyes so I could focus on just the pure pleasure he was bringing me. I pushed on his chest, rolling us over slowly so I could straddle him. Loving being in complete control, I slid up and down on his cock at a quick pace, bringing us both very close to our releases.

  "Brenda, you feel so good. I'm so close, baby. Let go, now!" he growled, as he reached between our bodies and rubbed my clit, sending me spiraling into my second mind-blowing orgasm.

 "Blake!" I cried out.

"Fuck!" He moaned as he came hard. 

I fell on top of him satisfied and exhausted. When we could catch our breath, we realized we had sand all over us.

 “Maybe having sex in the sand wasn’t such a good idea. I have sand everywhere.”

  “Let’s go clean off,” He said as he picked me up and ran us into the water.

 We cleaned off, splashed around, and exchanged kisses and caresses under the moonlight. I knew I would never forget out time here together at the beach.

…and the live happily ever after
The end!

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  1. So sweet. Sorry to see them go, but I really enjoyed their time at the beach:) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ella,

      Blake and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the beach also! ;)