Wednesday, January 11, 2012

At The Beach.... part 2

Here is part two of four.

At the Beach -  Waves of Desire.

We finally emerged from our shower happy and stated, for now.  I dried off, pulled my dark brown curls up into a bun, dressed in a simple sundress, and applied some foundation and lip gloss. My mind wandered over the past few days here and how attentive Blake had been and the amazing sex we had experienced. I could feel the blush starting to cover my face as I remembered yesterday afternoon. I was cleaning up after breakfast and was wearing just a robe when he came up behind me, spun me around and kissed me harder than he ever had before. He lifted me on to counter, telling me how hungry he was before his skilled tongue brought my body incredible pleasure. Later, I was happy to return the favor as I fell to my knees and pleasured him thoroughly with my mouth. I shook my head and smiled at the red-faced, wanton woman staring back at me, splashed some cool water on my face, and took some deep breaths.  I was now ready for whatever adventure our last day at the beach would entail.

I searched our cozy bungalow for Blake, but he was nowhere to be found, so I headed outside. My eyes quickly found him standing at the edge of the water staring out into the ocean. I walked toward him enjoying the view. As I approached, he turned, looking at me with a smile, and then placed his finger over his lips. He looked so sexy standing there in his khaki shorts and white button down shirt. He winked at me as he pointed out over the water; I let out a gasp as the most beautiful site was unfolding in front me. A pod of dolphins were playing a few hundred feet off the shore. They were beautiful. I now knew why they called this area Dolphin Cove.

I felt warm arms wrap around me, and I realized I truly was in paradise. We watched the amazing creatures as we walked down the beach holding hands. It was perfect; the sun hitting our faces, the hot sand under my feet, the cool water ticking them as the waves rolled further up the sand. Being here with Blake and experiencing such beauty was overwhelming. Blake stooped and looked at me.

“You’re so beautiful. I love you so much. I never want to get so busy in my life that I take your love for granted again.”

“Oh Blake, I love you too.”

His warm lips met mine; we stood there like teenagers and made out.  He pulled away and smiled at me.

“We should head back before we get carried away.”

“Yes, I guess we should.”

We slowly walked back towards the bungalow. Blake made us sandwiches for lunch, and then we headed into town.

.... to be continued

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