Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obsession research - Stalking 101

Research, every author has do it to make their book factual and believable. Some authors are lucky they get to do FUN sexy research. I on the other hand had to delve deep into the crazy world of a stalker.

Obsession was born after I had an scary experience happen to me when I went to Meet and Greet in Chicago last March (it's funny that a year later on March 19th Obsession will be releasing) and met some ladies I'd been talking to on twitter for some time. I did have wonderful time meeting most of them and struck up wonderful friendships. I foolishly stayed in the home of someone that I really thought was 'friend'  and things got weird and scary quickly.  Nothing happened to me like in my book Obsession but the idea of  using Twitter to friend your victim wouldn't leave me alone.


I wanted to share some research I've done on stalking. 

In my upcoming book Obsession Jillian is stalking Alexandria Stevens a romance novelist. I had to research different types of stalking so I could understand her better. This is a very scary but real subject matter.

Here is what I'm basing Jillian's character after:

Simple Obsession: This type of stalker has some previous or current personal or romantic relationship with the victim. These include all intimate partner cases, as well as intimate and casual dating relationships, co-workers, and casual friends. Rejection often triggers this type of stalking. Stalkers turn to threats and violence as a means of reestablishing control of the victim.

 Acquaintance Stalking: The stalker and victim may know each other casually, either through formal or informal contact. For example, they may be co-workers or neighbors, or they may have dated once or twice but were not sexual partners.

The Rejected: As a result of a relationship dissolution (i.e. estrangement, disruptions, break-ups) from an ex-partner (but inclusive of a parent, friend, or work associate) this type of stalker can be observed desiring a mixture of reconciliation and revenge. This individual often experiences feelings of loss, frustration, anger, jealousy, malevolence, and depression.

The Resentful : The goal of this stalker is to frighten and distress the victim. These stalkers may also experience feelings of injustice and desire revenge.

During my research I was shocked to find out the different types of stalking that takes place. Many fall into several categories and are driven by different emotions. With the amount of social networking sites, we need to remember to be careful. You never really know who really is behind the Avatar.

Obsession will be released March 19th by Beachwalk Press

Information Source : Types of Stalkers 


  1. You know, I can actually remember a time when stalking wasn’t illegal, and it wasn’t all that long ago ('cause I’m not that old, damn it, lol). So glad the laws have changed!

  2. Pamela,

    Believe me I know how scary this can be. I did have to connect the police about my issue, but she gave up before I had to pursue that avenue.

    I'm glad there are laws put into place for peopel who stalk others.