Saturday, May 26, 2012

Please Take a Moment to Remember Those Who Gave Their lives for Our Freedom

After 9/11 my kitchen turned red, white, and blue. I did this so I would never forget that fateful day that evil rocked our nation, and I'm reminded daily that freedom isn't free.

 As I drank my coffee this morning the tears are fell down my face as I read The National Prayer that hangs on my wall.

 Please give us the strength Lord,
to get through each difficult and devastating
 day that faces each of us and our country.
Protect and guide our Military that
are now being called to duty.

The tears are falling once again as I type this because my heart is broken for those families who are missing a loved one because they lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

Please take a moment this weekend and just reflect on the price that is paid daily for our freedom.

Have a safe holiday weekend!

The National Prayer

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