Saturday, May 26, 2012

At the Beach - Sand, Sun & Sex Part 4

Rachael's divorce from Charles Andrew Weston the third was finally months ago, her marriage to him was a nightmare. With a new found freedom and the desire to start fresh Rachael’s thinks the best way to jump start her life is by getting laid. So she heads to her beach house for some sand, sun and hopefully some sex.

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Part 4...

“Yes, but-”

James cut her off when his lips touched hers. “No more buts,” he whispered against them. His lips moved against hers with amazing passion. His tongue sought out hers while his hands explored her body causing goose-bumps to break out over her skin. James broke the kiss too soon for her liking. Her head spun when his mouth trailed a path from her lips to her neck, then up to her ear. “We should take this inside unless we want to give your neighbors a show,” he murmured before sucking on her lobe. 

 “Oh God, my neighbors!” she squeaked as a blush crept over Rachael’s face and she stepped out of his embrace. She looked around and was thankful that no one seemed to be the wiser about what was happening on her deck.

James grabbed her hand and they walked in silence toward the patio door. James slid the door open and waited for her to enter the house, following behind her. As soon as the door shut he pulled her toward him and looked deep in her eyes before claiming her lips once again.

“Bedroom… Where is your bedroom?”

Without hesitation Rachael led him down the hall. She stepped inside and her head spun as his strong body pinned her against the wall. His mouth explored her neck as he untied her bikini top leaving her breast exposed. He leaned down and his lips wrapped around her right nipple while is hand massaged the left causing Rachael to pant and press her center against him looking quench the fire that ignited in her throbbing core. 

“You’re beautiful,” he mumbled before lavishing her left nipple in his mouth while he pinched the right one.

“James,” Rachael cried out in pleasure. With shaky hands she managed to rid him of his tank top then unbuttoned his shorts pushing them down along with his boxers so they pooled around his ankles unleashing his hard cock. James let out a muffled groan as she took him in her hands and started to stroke him from base to tip before sinking to her knees and taking him into her mouth.


 Having his cock in her mouth was causing her pussy to throb with anticipation. Rachael couldn’t wait for James to make her his. 

“If you keep that up this will be over before it starts,” he stated while pulling her up and within a blink of an eye Rachael’s back landed on her bed. “These need to come off,” he growled pulling off her shorts and tossing them to the side. Her stomach did a flip as he took in every inch of her. He traced a finger up her thigh before he finally slid it through my folds. “Fuck, you're so wet and ready,” he whispered as his fingers slid inside her and his thumb hit her clit.

Rachael couldn’t take anymore. Her body was frantic for some relief. “I need you in me.”

“Patience.” He pulled his fingers from her core and brought them to his mouth. Rachael almost came right there as she watched him suck her juices from his fingers. “Now I want a taste direct from the source.”

Rachael’s body lifted off the bed the moment his tongue touched her. He explored every inch of her before bringing her clit into his mouth causing every nerve ending to inflame.

“Fuck. Me. Now.”

 James let out a chuckle before getting up to retrieve the condom in his shorts. He ripped it open, unrolled it down his hard dick, and placed his tip at her opening. His lips captured hers as he eased his way inside of her tight pussy.

 “You feel better than any dream I’ve ever had. Right here, right now, us, this is heaven”

“God, you feel so good inside me,” she said while lifting her hips causing him to sink completely inside of her. They both let out a moan.

He pulled out, slammed back into her, harder and faster with each pass. The feeling of their sweaty bodies colliding with each was so amazing.

He reached between them, his fingers found her aching clit.

“Rachael, I'm so close,” he groaned as his thrusts came harder, faster, and deeper.

“Ja-mes!” Was all she managed to get out as her orgasm crashed through her causing her to shake.

To be continued...
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