Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love, Again author Lacey Wolfe

Happy Hump day all! 
I'm excited to be hosting one of the authors of Love, Again.

This is book has 7 amazing stories about finding love again.

Over the next few weeks I'll be interviewing each author (besides myself) here on the blog.their .

Today It's my pleasure to have Lacey Wolfe here with me. Mow let's get to know a little about her.

Tell us about yourself:
I’m Lacey Wolfe and I am a wife and mother of two children. I also have a spoiled rotten lab and too many cats to count. (Last count 6-all spayed and neutered)

How did you select your pen-name?
My pen name has a sweet meaning. 11 years ago I took in a one week grey and white furball kitten and bottle fed her from one week old. She was like my first child. In November 2010 I lost her to cancer and her name, Lacey, just seemed perfect for my pen name.

Do you prefer?

Milk Chocolate or Dark?
Coffee or Tea?
Coffee in the morning, Tea in the afternoon
Vodka or Tequila?
Don’t care as long as the drink is fruity
Romance or a Thriller?
Mystery or Horror?

Did you always want to be an author?
I did. I’ve always been writing. Whether a story or journal or blogging. I was writing.

What authors had an impact on you growing up and as an adult?
I have such a hard time with this question because I don’t think there was one. I read who I enjoyed and still do.

Did anyone in your life influence you or encouraged you to be a writer?
I had a teacher in 6th grade who fed my writing habit and told my parents then that I would grow up to be an author.

What is your writing atmosphere like?
I write with my butt firmly planted on the cushions of my couch.

What is your favorite aspect or writing? Your least favorite?
I love writing their stories and getting to know them on a personal level. My least, when your not sure where to take them. That darn brick wall.

What drew to the Love, Again Anthology?
I’ve always wanted to be in an anthology and this anthology seemed like a great one to start with.

How did you decide on your story plot?
I started to write this a few months back and was going for that cheesy romance feel but with a slight erotic romance to it. I’m hoping that’s what my readers get from it.

How did you choose your characters names and location for your story?
I don’t have a location. But the names just came to me and seemed to work. I usually toss names around until I feel comfortable with that as the characters name.

Wanted: Wife by Lacey Wolfe

Darcy is down on her luck and can’t believe it when she finds herself answering a help wanted ad for a wife.
Steven’s day starts to look up when the girl he longed for in high school answers his ad.
Will these two finally find love in the most unusual of ways?

Love, Again is available
Print:  Ruby Lioness Press