Monday, December 12, 2011

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories

Happy Monday!! I wanted to share with you my new book idea.

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories.

This book will contain 15 short stories ranging from 1000 - 1200 words each.

It will have a mixture of fantasy, erotica, light bondage, and menage.

I currently have submitted a sample manuscript to a publisher. I'll keep you posted.

Here is a sample from one of the stories...

Giving In

I tilted my head so I could look at him, “What I'm in the mood for... can't be found on TV,” I said seductively as my lips roamed his neck.

He moaned and threw the remote on the floor. Before I knew it, my back hit the sofa and he was hovering over me.

“You have no idea how much I want you.” He leaned down and claimed my lips. “Do you trust me?” He whispered against my skin.

“Yes, of course.”

“Bedroom, now,” he demanded.

We found ourselves in his dimly lit bedroom, our hands and lips all over each other. He pulled my sundress over my head and tossed it, my bra disappearing next. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off. All that was left between us was his boxers and my thong.

“Crystal, do you still trust me?” he asked, as his hands roamed my breasts.

“Yes,” I responded, breathlessly.

“Don't move. I will be right back,” he crooned.

I stood there panting, watching as he went over to his drawer and pulled out two black silk scarves. My heart sped up and a wave of arousal swept through my body in anticipation of what he had in mind. His eyes met mine and I nodded that I was okay with this. He slowly walked toward me, gauging my reaction.

“Relax baby.” He placed one scarf over my eyes and tied it behind my head. “I would never hurt you,” he whispered in my ear before he dropped to his knees.

I felt him run his nose over my thong. “Heavenly, you smell heavenly.” He then placed butterfly kisses just above the waistband. “Place your hands behind your back, baby.”

I did as I was told and he took the scarf and bound my hands while he kissed and licked my stomach and took off my thong.

“Is this okay?”


“I'm going to make you come so hard on my tongue, baby,” he moaned, as he removed my thong. “Spread your legs for me and stand as still as you can.

I nodded.

“Good girl.”

I let out a primal moan as I felt his tongue slide through my folds. “Victor!” He moved my legs father apart, as he inserted a finger into me, slowly pumping me as his tongue licked and flicked my clit. I wanted to move my hands and touch him, but I was bound. “Fuck,” I screamed, as he inserted another finger. He pumped his fingers in and out as his tongue hit my clit over and over causing my body to tremble. I could feel my legs getting weak and my stomach muscles tighten.

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