Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays... here is a Christmas free read

First of all I want to thank you  all of you for the amazing support you have showed me this year. It's been a wild few months. I wanted to give you all a gift, so I wrote this little story. 

Santa Baby

Tina is going through the normal Christmas Eve ritual with her four-year old twins. The only difference is that her husband is overseas this year.  Can a note that her little girl wrote to Santa and some special prayers give Tina and her family a Merry Christmas?

The holidays were always filled with happiness and laughter for me, but not this year. My husband Colin was overseas. I knew it was selfish of me to feel bitter; he was fighting for mine and every American’s freedom. I went through the ritual that I’d become accustomed to over the years. The kids and I made cookies; we sang carols, and I read T’was the Night Before Christmas. Kali made sure to leave cookies out for Santa and Jeffery set out a glass of milk. I smiled as I watched my four-year old twins prepare for Santa to come. I was surprised when I saw Kali place a note inside her stocking. I made a mental note to read them later.

“Okay, it’s time for bed,” I announced and rolled my eyes at their moans and groans.

"Mommy can we say special prayers tonight?” Kali asked.

“Of course. A special prayer for who?

“Well, I asked Santa for daddy to come home, but maybe I should pray for that also.”

‘It doesn’t work that way,” Jeffery snapped.

“Jeffery, I think what your sister has suggested is a great idea.” I tried to put as much hope and sincerity as I could in my tone, but I knew, deep down, no amount of praying would bring their daddy home for Christmas.

“Off to bed, all good girls and boys go to bed on Christmas Eve without any argument. Remember Santa is watching.”

Before long, I had them both tucked in and prayers were said. My heart broke because I knew they would go unanswered. I walked to the kitchen to pour myself a much needed glass of wine. I relaxed in the recliner as I stared at the Christmas tree. My mind wandered to past Christmases when Colin and I would put the gifts under the tree and snuggle in this very recliner as we whispered how much we loved each other before retiring to the bedroom to make love. I sighed as I placed my empty glass of wine down and went to get the gifts for the twins. 

After placing the gifts under the tree, I went to stuff the stockings. I filled up Jeffery’s then remembered that Kali put a note in hers, fishing out the note, I opened it feeling a little guilty for invading her privacy, but after all I am ‘Santa’. I opened the note, and a tear ran down my cheek.

Please bring my daddy home for Christmas. Mommy is so sad all the time. I just want to see her smile.

My poor sweet daughter was worried about my happiness. I needed to hide how sad I was better. I wiped away my tears, placed the note in the pocket of the red dress I was wearing, and filled her stocking. I sat down with another glass of wine and flipped through the stations. I curled up under a throw and watched It's a Wonderful Life.
A loud sound startled me awake from my sleep. Looking around I realized it was from the tv. I grabbed the remote, turning it off when I noticed it was two in the morning. I was about to get up when I heard a noise. Fear went through my body. Was someone in my house? I had to protect my children. Slowly, I got up and walked towards the hall closet to grab the baseball bat I kept in there, and I crouched down and hid in the corner.

My heart was pounding as I heard heavy footsteps heading towards me. I swallowed hard and raised the bat above my head. I was ready to strike when I looked up and saw Colin in a Santa suit with an arm full of gifts.

“Oh my God, Colin!” I screamed as I dropped the bat and launched myself into his arms causing him to drop all the gifts.

“Tina, sorry I scared you. I just wanted to surprise you and the kids. I missed you, baby.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” I demanded as I hitched my right leg up around his hip. 

“With pleasure.” He groaned before his sweet, warm lips met mine.

I pulled away and looked into his eyes. “I can’t believe you’re here. That you’re real.”

“Merry Christmas,’ he whispered before his lips met mine once again.

We quickly became overwhelmed and lost in each other’s touch. In no time at all, I was laying naked and panting next to the tree as Colin worshiped my body with his hands, and mouth, bringing me incredible pleasure.

“Colin, I need you now. It's been too long.”

He groaned as he kissed his way up my stomach, stopping to suck each nipple into his mouth.

“God, I’ve missed your body,” he whispered as he slid into me, filling me completely. We began to move together in perfect sync as the emotions of the last twenty minutes hit me. Tears ran down my face as my body trembled in pleasure. Colin’s thrusts became harder and faster, pushing me closer to my release.

“Colin,” I moaned.
“So close,” he grunted as his hand slid between us.

“God,” I cried as he rubbed my clit causing me to fall over the edge. My body shook as my orgasm rushed throughout my body.

“Tina… God… baby,” he shouted as he released deep within me.

He collapsed next to me panting, pulling me towards him. Tears of happiness and contentment rolled down my face. He leaned down and kissed them away before he whispered “I’m home, baby.” He kissed me again gently. “I’m home for good.” 


I need to thank Ella Jade for correcting my grammar mistakes and Melissa Kendall for the incredible banner.  Huge hugs to Karen for letting me bounce all my ideas off of her!

Next year I will write the full version of this story as It's weighing heavy on my heart, it will be titled Christmas Wish.

 I hope you all have a safe and Happy holiday!

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