Sunday, November 13, 2011

Introducing Southern Embrace

After Obsession is complete I'l be writing Southern Embrace. 

I currently have 5,530 words, my goal is 15,000


When the man you thought was your forever is suddenly stolen away, can an old flame spark a new love?

Savannah Clark’s high school sweetheart, Lance moves away after graduation. He cuts all ties with her, leaving her devastated. A year later she meets the wonderfully handsome and older Stephen Grant. He sweeps her off her feet, showing her passion she never knew existed and what it's like to be truly loved. They soon marry and start their lives together. A terrible accident changes everything and Savannah is left heartbroken and a widow at the young age of twenty-two. When she least expects it, she runs into the man that first touched her heart, Lance. Can she get past her broken heart and find love again?

My goal is to have Southern Embrace completed by Christmas.

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