Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Monday...

Well, to say that these past few days have been a roller coaster in an understatement. The publisher that contracted Obsession and At Sunset shut it's doors. 

I currently have submitted Obsession to another publisher, and I looking for a home for At Sunset. I will keep you posted!

My goal is to finish Southern Embrace by the end of the year! 

As much I love fell in love with Hudson and Alexandria when I wrote Obsession. My heartbreaks for Savannah in Southern Embrace.

When the man you thought was your forever is suddenly stolen away, can an old flame spark a new love?

Lance, Savannah's high school sweetheart and first love, moves away with his family after graduation and cuts all ties with her, leaving her devastated and alone. With some coaxing from her best friend Savannah goes to a club and meets the older and stunning Stephan. The two are drawn to each other instantly and soon they fall madly in love. Savannah has never felt so much love than she does with Stephan. They soon marry, and their grows stronger and stronger with each passing day.  Until one fateful day when an accident changes everything and leaves Savannah a widow at the young age of twenty-two. 

When she least expects it she runs into Lance. He's a man now, no longer the boy that abandoned her. Can she let go of the past, forgive him, and give love a second chance?

Here is a peek into chapter 1 of Southern Embrace:

“Come on Savannah, you have to go with us. You're going to be nineteen next week, live a little.” Nichole whined.
 “I really don’t want to, and besides we’re only eighteen. How are we going to get into a club?” Savannah replied as she lay propped up with her elbows on her bed talking on the phone with her best friend.
 “Fake id’s.” Nichole countered then took a deep breath. “Van, I’m your best friend, and you really need to get out there; meet people, mainly a guy. It’s been a year since Lance moved; you need to move on,” she said in a firm but gentle tone.
Savannah winced at the mention of his name. Yes, it had been almost a year. Well, technically it had been three hundred and fifty-eight days to be exact since Lance Peterson moved out of the state taking her heart with him. Savannah and Lance were inseparable; they started dating their sophomore year of high school. His family moved after graduation, leaving her heartbroken. After everything they meant to each other, Lance shocked her when he cut all ties with her, leaving her devastated.
 “I’m not ready to meet anyone. I wish you would just drop it already.” Savannah snapped.
 Savannah knew Nichole had her best interest at heart. She told her many times she hated to see her waste away after a boy who just completely cut her out of his life.
 “I love you, but you need to get over him. I know he was your first love and your first other things, but I don’t believe Lance was the great love of your life.” She paused. “And if you don’t get out there and meet people, you will never find the one meant for you.”
 “I’ll think about it,” Savannah finally said. At this point, she would tell her anything just to get off the phone. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”
“Think about it. I promise we will have a good time. Talk to you tomorrow, Van.”
“Bye, Nicki,” Savannah replied before she hung up the phone and rolled over onto her back. She hated when Nichole got pushy. They had been friends ever since she could remember; Nicki knew her better than anyone else did. At times, even better than Van knew herself.

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