Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exciting News!!!

I just signed my first contract!

Obsession will be available Spring 2012!

It's been contracted by a new and exciting publisher

Here is the Obsession Synopsis:

Alexandria Stevens is a New York Times Best Selling romance novelist. She is married to the very handsome and business tycoon Hudson Smyth. After she does a guest appearance on a popular talk show, she creates a twitter account. Within a few short weeks she meets a fan of hers Jillian on twitter. They become fast friends, or that’s what Alex thinks. When Alex finds herself being stalked, the person she least expects is her new friend. What she doesn’t know is that Jillian has been obsessed with her for years. She wants everything she has, even her husband.
I have completed the prologue and chapters 1- 4.
You can watch my writing progress in the side bar. Have a great weekend!


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