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My first orginal short story...

At Sunset by Tamaria Soana

Summary: Freshman year of college is over and Kimberly and Amber are rewarding themselves with a few days of fun in the sun at Myrtle Beach. What happens when a lazy day at the beach turns into something far more than either expected?


The excitement raced through Kimberly's body as they announced her flight to Myrtle Beach was boarding. Now that their freshman year of college was over, Kimberly and her best friend Amber were off to spend four days in paradise. The girls couldn't wait to get out of Coventry, a small town located in Rhode Island, stretch their wings and have some fun.

Kimberly and Amber anxiously boarded the plane. They found their seats and buckled up for what they hoped would be the trip of their lives. The flight itself was uneventful, but the two talked about all the places they wanted to go. Kimberly brought out the tourist guide they had purchased featuring all the hot spots Myrtle Beach offered. Besides going to the beach, the two couldn't wait to check out the best tourist place in town, Broadway At The Beach. After the plane landed they retrieved their luggage, and were in their rental car heading to the hotel in no time.

By the time they got settled, it was already late afternoon, so they headed to Broadway At The Beach to take in the sights, grab a bite to eat, and do some shopping. “After such a full and exciting day, they went back to their hotel and fell into bed from exhaustion.

As morning came the girls couldn't wait to get to the beach.They enjoyed their lazy day laying in the sun and people watching. Kimberly thought she noticed the lifeguard kept glancing in their direction. She was sure he must be looking at Amber, because Kimberly thought she was just a simple looking girl. She was five foot three, light brown straight hair, hazel eyes, and a small frame. She felt her breasts were too small, and she hated that her body really didn't have any curves. At nineteen, she hoped her body would've been more developed.

Daniel was sitting high upon his watch tower, as he scanned the crowd. Being a lifeguard was a great way to spend his summers. He had just turned twenty-one and still had one year of college left, as he changed his major three times.

As Daniel was scanning the crowd, two girls he hadn't seen before caught his eye. The petite one, with the long brown hair, was sitting on a blanket pulling her hair back into a bun. He watched, mesmerized by her simple beauty. She was wearing a modest bathing suit, nothing revealing and this made him even more interested in her. Most girls on the beach wore as little as possible; he found that very unattractive.

Because Kimberly's hair was driving her crazy, she placed it in a bun” and then looked around. “Amber, I think that blonde lifeguard over there likes you, he keeps looking over here,” Kimberly said, as she nudged her friend out of her sleepy state.

What? Where?” Amber replied.

Over there,” Kimberly pointed.

Daniel turned his head and found the girl that had caught his attention was pointing at him. He smiled at her and then winked. He hoped he would figure out a way to meet her. Kimberly blushed in embarrassment at being caught pointing, she wished the earth would open up and swallow her.

Um, Kimberly, I think the hot lifeguard likes you.” Amber giggled.

I...I don't think so. No one's ever interested in me,” she stated.

Amber rolled her eyes at the fact that her friend didn't see herself for the true beauty she was.

Let's go cool off in the water,” Amber suggested, and the two of them took off for the ocean.

The girls were having so much fun in the cool ocean, they didn't even realize how far they had swam out until Kimberly looked back towards the shore and noticed they were further out then she thought.

We should swim back,” she said.

Yeah, you're right," Amber answered once she realized how far out they were. “We are in the ocean, you never know what's under us.”

Christ, Amber, I never thought of the creatures that lurk about in these waters.” Kimberly screeched as she swam back towards the shore.

Race ya!” Amber challenged as she swam past her friend.

Kimberly was swimming as fast and hard as she could to catch up with Amber, when she felt overwhelming pain in her right leg. She stopped swimming and started to tread water. The pain in her leg was making it hard to stay afloat or call out to Amber for help.

Daniel had noticed the girls enter the water and kept an eye on them. He watched as the girls swam out a little too far for his liking, but he relaxed a bit when he saw they were swimming back towards shore. It didn’t take long for him to notice that the beautiful girl was no longer swimming and was in distress. He jumped up and shouted to his buddy Steve that they had a swimmer down. Both ran to their Jet Skis and took off toward the girls. Daniel had hoped to meet her, but not under these circumstances.

Amber not knowing her friend was in trouble kept swimming towards shore. As the Jet Skis raced by, she stopped swimming and watched in horror when she realized it was Kimberly they were saving.

Daniel pulled Kimberly up onto his Jet Ski, and then took off toward the shore. Steve stopped and pulled Amber onto his. Daniel had Kimberly situated on the soft sand as he checked her vitals, he was happy she was conscious. Amber was at Kimberly's side as soon as she hit the shore.

Is she okay?” Amber asked Daniel, in pure panic.

Yes she is. She has swallowed a lot of water, but she will be fine.” Daniel responded.

Thank God,” Amber cried, as she watched as Kimberly coughed up water.

What's her name?” Daniel inquired. He wanted to know this information for more than one reason.

Kimberly is her name and I'm Amber,” she said, as she held her friends hand as she continued to cough up the water up.

I'm Daniel and this is Steve.”

Thank you both so much.” Kimberly responded. “It's nice to meet you both.”

Kimberly, I'm going to pull you up in a sitting position, is that okay?” Daniel asked.

Kimberly nodded as she tried to control her breathing.

Daniel then wrapped his arms around Kimberly to help her sit up. They both felt something in that moment of contact. His blue eyes met her hazel ones in a long gaze as he gently pulled her into a seated position and wrapped a blanket around her.

I'm going to take you to the first aid station where you can rest, ” Daniel said to Kimberly.

She was very aware of how close he was to her, and that he was incredibly beautiful. She liked how it felt to have his well toned, muscular body up against hers.

About ten minutes had passed before Kimberly stopped coughing and was able to talk. So the four of them walked slowly to the first aid station where she could lay down and rest.

Amber stayed by her friend's side as Daniel and Steve took turns checking on her. The girls were finally alone and Amber's guilt was getting the better of her.

I'm so sorry Kimberly, I never should've suggested we race. Most of all I should've looked back to check that you were still behind me,” Amber sobbed.

It's no one's fault, I got a cramp, it happens,” Kimberly replied, hoping to sooth her friend.

You know Kim, I think that Daniel guy likes you.” Amber giggled.

Well, I think Steve likes you,” Kimberly responded with a smirk.

This little vacation of ours, may be looking up,” Amber said;, her voice full of hope that they might find some romance on this trip.

Daniel and Steve's shift was over, so they checked on the girls one last time. Kimberly seemed to be just fine and was released from the first aid area.

Steve wanted to get to know Amber better, so he had to do something before she disappeared. “Hey Amber, I was wondering if you might want to go para-sailing with me?” Steve asked.

I would love it,” Amber answered with all the enthusiasm she had in her. “Can Kimberly and Daniel join us?”.

Thanks, but no thanks, I think I've tempted fate enough for one day,” Kimberly replied.

I'm really not in the mood to go para-sailing today, you guys go. Kimberly, if you feel up to it I could take you to dinner and show you around. I know a great place to watch the sunset,” Daniel stated looking into Kimberly's hazel eyes.

Kimberly nodded and looked towards Amber, who winked at her.

Sounds like a plan. You and I are going para-sailing, and Daniel here will show Kimberly what Myrtle Beach looks like at sunset,” Steve said to Amber.

Amber turned towards Kimberly double checking that it was okay they split up. “Go have fun, I'm going back to the room to shower and change,” Kimberly said.

Steve took Amber's hand and they walked towards the para-sailing area.

Do you want me to pick you up or would you like meet someplace?” Daniel asked Kimberly.

I guess pick me up, as I really don't know the area.”

Just tell me what hotel you're staying at and I can pick you up in an hour,” Daniel said, with a huge smile on his face.

Kimberly showered and quickly changed slipping on her new beige silk panties, forgoing a bra as the tan sundresses she choose to wear had enough support with it's crisscross front.

Daniel was across town packing a small bag for what he hoped to be a romantic night. He threw a few beers into a small cooler and he was out the door to pick up Kimberly.

They stopped for a quick bite to eat at a seafood restaurant, and got to know each other better. Daniel paid for their meal and they headed to a secluded part of the beach to watch the sunset. Daniel spread out the blanket and handed Kimberly a beer. She was happy to be able to relax and have a drink after the day she had.

The two shared stories about their their families and school. Daniel admitted to Kimberly that he basically screwed around the first year of college and changed his major three times.

Would you like to go for a walk down the shoreline?” Daniel asked her.

That would be lovely.”

The two of them walked down the beach slowly as the held hands. The conversation flowed easily between them. Daniel would stop every once in a while to point something out to her. He loved how she found everything he showed her fascinating. He felt like he was experiencing these things for the first time all over again.

Daniel stopped walking and brought Kimberly into his arms looking deep into her hazel eyes. He leaned down and placed his lips on hers. Kimberly's stomach fluttered as she moved her lips against his. She sighed as his tongue licked her bottom lip begging for entrance. She gladly gave him permission and their tongues started to tangle.

Kimberly's head was spinning. She couldn't ever remember being kissed with such passion. Her body came alive and she wanted more, much more.

Daniel was extremely attracted to her, he pulled away from the kiss slowly so they could breathe. His lips skimmed her skin till they reached her neck. Kimberly tilted her head back giving him better access. He slowly kissed up her neck to her ear. “You're amazing,” he whispered between kisses.

Kimberly let out a small moan. Her core started to throb, as his lips made their way down toward the edge of her sundress. She could feel how hard he was as their bodies molded into their embrace. Feelings deep within her body spiked; she need more. She slowly let her hands roam his back and one came to rest on his toned ass, causing Daniel to groan.

He pulled away from her, because if he didn't put some pace between them he would take her right there and then. A confused expression was laced across Kimberly's face.

Let's head back to the blanket, the sun is going to set soon,” Daniel said, placing his arm around her as they walked down the beach.

Kimberly melted against his body and any feelings of rejection faded away.

It's beautiful here,” Kimberly said in awe of the paradise around her.

They walked close to the shoreline with their arms around each other. The tide water's tickled their feet every so often causing her to giggle. It was a perfect night, not too hot, with just a slight breeze.

They arrived back to where the blanket lay on the sand. Daniel opened the cooler and grabbed two beers, handing one to Kimberly. They popped them open and made themselves comfortable against each other.

Kimberly drank a few sips and smiled shyly at Daniel. She noticed his blue eyes were full of want and need. Kimberly became lost in his eyes, and decided to be bold and let her body have what it wanted. She placed her beer down and leaned in to kiss him. His lips moved with hers. The kiss was full of passion. Daniel's hands quickly roamed over her sundress. Kimberly knew she wanted him, and at this moment her body needed him. So, she mustered up all the courage she could and pushed him away, stood up and unzipped her sundress and let it fall to her feet; she stood in front of him in only her beige silk panties.

You're stunning,” Daniel moaned as he pulled her back down on the blanket. He slowly lowered her until her back was on the blanket. Daniel leaned down and kissed her passionately, and then trailed his tongue down to her pert breasts.

Daniel took his time worshiping each one of her breasts, licking, teasing, and sucking. Kimberly's body responded to him in the most beautiful ways. She'd had some experience in this department, but she'd never felt this level of passion before. Her body was begging for his touch.

Daniel's hand slowly roamed down Kimberly's body pushing her panties down and removing them, while leisurely sliding a finger through her slick folds.

Kimberly let out a loud moan, as he put pressure on her swollen nub. He quickly rid himself of his shorts and boxers.

Kimberly gasped at the sight before her. Daniel was much bigger than anyone she had ever been with. Daniel knelt before her spreading her legs as he leaned down. Kimberly thought she might pass out from pure bliss as she felt his tongue slide up and down her sex.

Ohhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as his tongue flicked her sensitive nub. Daniel slid a finger in her heat and then another pumping lightly. Kimberly's soft moans were driving him insane. He wanted to be inside her so bad, but he knew her body needed to be primed for him. Kimberly felt her body was responding to Daniel's tongue and fingers, and she felt her stomach coil as she moaned quietly under him.

Daniel slowly withdrew his fingers and mouth from her heat, and rolled on a condom looking down at her. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen; her laying there naked, panting, with the sun setting behind her

He gradually entered her, letting her body adjust to his size. Kimberly's body was on fire, she needed him deep inside her now. She bucked her hips up and Daniel was deep inside her in seconds. They both moaned at the overwhelming feeling that swept through their bodies.

He slowly pulled out and then pushed back in. Once, twice, three times. Their bodies finally found the perfect rhythm that was bringing them quickly toward the heaven they both sought. Daniel's release was so close and he could feel she was almost there. He pulled out and thrust back in at a faster harder pace than before, causing fireworks to explode behind Kimberly's eyes.

God,” she moaned. “You feel so good. Let go,” Daniel whispered.

With a few more thrusts Kimberly's body trembled in release, causing Daniel to come harder than he ever had before. They both fell over the edge, panting and moaning each other's names.

Daniel collapsed next to her, removed the condom and set it aside; he then pulled Kimberly close to him until there wasn't even air left between them. They lay there in each other's arms, trying to catch their breaths.

I have sand everywhere.” Kimberly laughed, breaking the silence.

Let's go wash off,” Daniel said, sitting up and pulling her with him.

You mean swim naked?” she asked shyly.

Yes, naked. Kimberly, you're beautiful. After what we just shared, how can you be so shy?”

I just never skinny dipped before.” Before she could say anything else, Daniel picked her up and ran them into the water as she screamed the whole way. He set her down in the water. They washed all the sand off their bodies by splashing around playfully.

Daniel finally brought her close to him and leaned down to kiss the top of her head.

Kimberly slowly looked up into his eyes and smiled. She turned her head and stared up into the colorful sky. “Thank you, Daniel.”

For what?”

She smiled. “For showing me what Myrtle Beach looks like at sunset.”

~End Notes~

I would like to thank cullen818 and AJ43Girl, for being incredible beta's. I learned so much from both of you.

I would also like to say. I OWN IT ALL!!!

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    piperann_25, thanks for for your support. It means the world to me.

    Denise, thank BB, you are amazing!!

  5. Sorry it took me so long to read this, but it was perfect. Great story, great characters, great details... I loved it!

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