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Snowed In
Short Story

Adam Cooper just called off his wedding and he’s headed for his family vacation house in Vermont because he knows the woman that haunts his heart Dana  is there spending the weekend with his younger sister Mia. 

The last time he seen her was at a party the night before she left for college and they shared a brief but passionate kiss. Dana was forbidden fruit for him when they were younger but now the four years age difference seemed like nothing. Mia had kept him up-to-date on Dana over the years and mentioned that she had just broken up with her boyfriend so she planned this trip for them to kick back relax and have so fun. Now he just had to see if that spark was still there between them.

Adam couldn’t be happier when he finds himself alone and snowed in with Dana. When he joins her in the hot tub will their true feeling for each other surface?

Forbidden Love

What happens when you meet your destiny and you both belong to someone else?

Carmelita Heaton married her high school sweetheart Davis. The first few years of marriage were bliss. As her husband Davis climb the corporate ladder and began to  travel for his job they slowly started to grow apart.

 Before long their marriage was reduced to seeing each other a few times a month in passing with no emotional connection left. In the midst of her silent hell, Carm needs to find a new job as the doctor she works for is retiring. Her life starts to spin out of control when she starts her new job as an RN for an OB/GYN doctor.

Doctor Dylan Gates professional life needs to run smoothly as his personal life is falling apart. His wife Linda suffered a nervous breakdown a few years ago after losing her twin sister. Doctor Gates throws himself into his work and doesn't like change, when his long time nurse moves out of town; he's forced to hire someone new.

Dylan and Carm instant attraction for each other leaves them both struggling to do the right thing. How long can fight to stay away from your destiny? Will they risk it all by giving into the overwhelming need for each other? Can their love survive the aftermath of their affair?

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