Saturday, January 25, 2014

When inspiration strikes...Paradise Cove

Today I started a new story.The idea didn't even exist until last night thanks to Viari Rose showing me some pre-made covers. 

I couldn't sleep last night because this cover haunted me. This morning I woke up before six am and Paradise Cove was born! 

I spent the morning doing research and found the perfect setting for this story!

Paradise Cove
Where mystery, legends and magic lie.

Setting: Isle of Man

Meet the heroine: Nadine Wilson

Photographer Nadine Wilson flees to Isle of Man to clear her head and re connect with her college roommate Lori after finding her finance Peter in bed with her sister. She’s instantly drawn to Paradise Cove, a beautiful beach that locals say is filled with magic. Her life and everything she thought was true are changed forever when she meets Bryce. 

Meet the hero: Bryce Logan

Bryce Logan is man with a dark secret. He’s vowed to never love again after his lover was killed by his enemies. Being a selkie he has sexual desires that need to be met. He frequents the cove looking for his next sexual conquest. Every emotion he has fought to suppress is heightened by the beautiful brooding photographer that visits the beach each day.

When the sexual tension between Nadine and Bryce mounts the danger intensifies.

I hope I've captured your attention!

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