Saturday, January 11, 2014

Phantom Lover Pre-Release Reviews

I'm so excited that Phantom Lover has received four 5 Star reviews so far! Just 12 days until Phantom Lover releases!!!

"If you are looking for a sizzling read that tugs are your emotions, Phantom Love is a winner. " Melissa

"Such a powerful story in such a short story. I truly believe in soul mates and that everyone has one, whether we find them or not." Sarah

"Omg a quick enjoyable sexy read." Adriana

"A beautiful story and very hot too." Lesley

Watch the Trailer:

Phantom Lover
Published by Crimson Frost Books
January 24, 2014

Can true love transcend life and death?

Olivia Shaw-Clayton’s life revolves around her job ever since her husband was killed eight months ago in Iraq. She slaves away at her desk in hopes of numbing the pain of her loss and the guilt of longing to fall asleep once again to be joined by her phantom lover.

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