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Holidays with the Beachwalk Babes Hop December 6th - 8th

Welcome to Holiday's with the Beachwalk Babes Blog Hop!

The holiday season is really a magical time for me. I love Christmas music and all the beautiful lights.

My husband's family has a tradition that I look forward to each year. On Christmas Eve morning after breakfast the woman will go shopping for our spouses "stocking" (we always have the run over bag. Not much fit's in a stocking) while the guys watch the kids. We also buy for our children's stockings also. After lunch the men go shopping for us. We go to Christmas Eve service, have dinner, and then open our stockings! It truly is a fun day!


Last year A few Beachwalk press authors got together and put out a FREE holiday anthology, Holiday Kisses!

If you haven't read it yet, don't hesitate get it today, you won't be sorry!

I made Promo Trailer for this amazing anthology...


Positively Holly by Pepper Anthony
When Holly and Evan run into each other at the Toy Palace the week before Christmas, the last thing on their minds is rekindling their failed love affair. After all, Holly is one of those wide-eyed optimists, and Evan is a man who deals in practicalities. Things would never work out between them. But two cups of coffee, a pair of shopping bags, and a touch of sexy Christmas magic just might help them find their common ground.

Hometown Miracles by Patricia Bates
The holidays hold little interest for Leanne Wilson, a single mother who receives devastating news mere days before heading home. Once she arrives, she runs into the one man who holds her heart. But she can’t reach out to him now…after all, this may be her very last Christmas. Jay Locke has loved Leanne for years. When she left town, he forced himself to move on, but now she's back with a darling little girl and a Christmas wish he just can't say no to.

Believe in Me by Aimée Duffy
Leona Sharp and Ryan Lee have been friends forever, it seems. Although there's an attraction between them, they've never acted on it. On New Year's Eve, Leona finally allows herself to give into the temptation, but she vows that it will only be for one night and as soon as the clock strikes midnight they will put it in the past and go on as if it never happened. Ryan, however, has other plans…

His Holiday Lifesaver by Hazel Gower
Brad isn't looking forward to Christmas dinner with his family as they are always trying to set him up with women. This year he has a plan involving Hailey, a female tourist he rescued at the beach, posing as his girlfriend for the next couple of weeks. The only problem with the plan is he didn't expect to fall in love with her.

Drawn To You by Tara Mills
If a picture's worth a thousand words, what does that make a series of sketches? Drawn to the same beach over and over again to secretly sketch this quiet, contemplative man, Rachel is about to find out.

Reunion by Ashlynn Monroe
Years ago, Shayla left her small hometown to pursue her dream. When she did, her family turned their back on her. Leaving also meant she had to forget about the boy she loved. When her mother dies, Shayla realizes that while some things change, other things are doomed to remain the same. She returns home, but doesn't feel very welcome until the boy who haunts her memories steps into her present. Luc is no longer the farm boy she'd fallen for—he's grown up, and quite nicely too. Can Shayla rekindle what she lost with the man she never stopped loving?

Winter Break by Kaylie Newell
Harper Smith is a horrible skier. She can't stand it, almost as much as she can't stand her irritatingly sexy ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be a member of the ski patrol. So when she finds herself in a life-or-death situation on a cold, dark mountain, she has mixed feelings when Justin Noble shows up to rescue her. Part of her would rather freeze to death than accept his help. The other part can't help but warm up at the sight of his messy, sun-bleached hair and cocky grin. Without her consent, Harper's heart tips dangerously close to falling for him again. But will this time be any different?

Mistletoe & Holly by Tamaria Soana
Zoey is going through the normal Christmas Eve ritual with her three-year-old twins. The only difference is that her husband Preston isn't there to share it with them. He's been deployed overseas and won't be home for the holidays. After Zoey tucks the kids in for the night, she places the gifts under the tree, snuggles on the sofa to watch It's a Wonderful Life, and falls asleep. She's startled awake by a loud noise. Is she dreaming, or is her Christmas wish standing under the mistletoe?

Katrina's Christmas by Sidda Lee Tate
Christmas has always been just another day to Katrina Bryant. She works hard and expects her employees to do the same. When her sexy assistant, Grant Ward, quits on Christmas Eve she becomes worried she will never see him again, and she wonders why that bothers her so much. To her surprise, he arrives at her home hours later and whisks her away for a Christmas she will never forget.

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Todd by Elise Whyles
Recently widowed, Mary Todd isn't looking forward to spending Christmas alone. She's determined to keep a low profile during the madness—that is, until she meets her sexy neighbor, Walter. He seems intent on helping her get into the holiday spirit, and she just might let him.

The Gift Beneath the Tree by Lacey Wolfe
Tara won't be spending Christmas with her family this year, but she's not entirely alone. Her roommate, Brad, who's currently single, is also at home with her. Tara goes to bed Christmas Eve with hopes Santa might bring her what she most desires. After hearing a loud crash, she goes to investigate, and underneath the tree, she finds the present she's been dying to unwrap.

Content Warning: some stories contain explicit sex

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