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Special Guest Imogene Nix author of The Plan

Today I have fellow Beachwalk Press babe Imogene Nix! I'm going to hand things over to her!


Hey everyone. Imogene Nix here... Thanks Tamaria for having me over to visit!

I’m a writer from Rural Queensland – Australia and I have a secret... I write erotic sexy hot romance.  Well actually it isn’t such a secret... Not even in my town!

I love writing a bit of everything... I’m a genre junkie.  From Science Fiction Romance (lots and lots of romance with sprinklings of SciFi) through to Paranormal, Contemporary & Romantic Suspense. Which is great, because it allows me to dabble... lots!

I’m also a multi-length junkie... You name it.  Everything from 3K shorts right up 80K novels.  I love them all. Which is great, because it allows me to tell a story in whatever length it comes.

But today, I want to tell you about The Plan.  Sounds cool, right? Well, I think it is. 

It’s a futuristic novella that I had a lot of fun writing. Now don’t be put off by the Futuristic tag.  It’s just a label after all! Lol! I promise, I don’t use a ton of geeky tech words either *winks*

It features a lot of contemporary themes... wedding rings, getting in trouble with the law... Think of it as a western/cowboy romance on another planet. Which is essentially what it is.

Kadie had a rough start to life after her parents dumped her. It’s fairly joyless... She’s been on her own since the beginning and she rather likes it that way. No friends, no ties & no man... until she meets Jonah. The head of the Authority Department... If I tell you anymore it’ll spoil it.  Suffice to say, I think Kadie and Jonah are great!

The Plan

What happens when a former orphan, now illegal parts runner Kadie Frost falls for the new head of the Department of Authority?

Jonah Fielding has been brought in to clean up the department on Centauri, but in the course of his work, he also captures Kadie, the sprite who got away.

But what happens when work and pleasure collide?

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The man that arrested her, Captain Jonah Fielding, she had heard of. A straight man, everyone agreed. He didn’t associate with the old, corrupt Authorities. But at this point that’s cold comfort. How can I possibly explain that I have nothing else except my little Sugar Plum Fairy and that’s why I took the chance? Her stomach rebelled and she dry heaved right there in the cells as catcalls and laughter from other prisoners filled the air. Thank the Lights at least I am in a single cell. Her head ached brutally and she wavered slightly, waiting for Captain Fielding to send for her.

“Kadie Frost? Captain Fielding wants to see you.” The clank of the cell door told her someone was coming; she struggled to her feet, lifting tired, sore eyes.

A young man, little more than a boy really, with a freshly pressed uniform marched in, unfastened her from the restraint loop, and pulled her out the door and into an anonymous corridor.

Hoots and hollers met her ears as she allowed herself to be paraded down the long walkway. As if cattle in a moon-cow yard, she thought, closing her eyes as the Authority man pulled her toward a heavy, metal door at the end of the corridor. He stopped there and she opened her eyes, reading the sign on the door.

Interrogation Room One. What a great name, she thought snidely. Really inventive.

The door opened slowly and she was quickly thrust inside. The door snapped shut behind her as she looked around the bare room. A table and two chairs sat, scarred and ugly, in the middle of the floor. The metal was cold and glittering in the cool air as the air circulators pushed currents around the frigid room. She made her way over and sat down, waiting for the captain to enter. Her head drooped to the table and she let it rest, seeking the refreshing cool on her overly hot skin.

Her hands stung and her eyes burned. She felt sorry for herself as she thought about the mess she had gotten into, and she turned her stinging hands to check the damage. They were bright red and radiated heat. The deep scratches were swollen and weepy; sticky drops of goop coated the raw skin. Never a good sign, she already knew that.

“Kadie Frost?”

She started. Obviously, the woolly, heavy feeling in her head had overtaken her and she had dropped off to sleep as she waited. Her skin burned against in the coolness of the room.

“That’s me.” Her head hurt viciously, but now she realized her throat burned too.

“Captain Fielding is my name. I believe you and I can discuss BXM parts?” He lifted an eyebrow and she noted the captain had the most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen, teamed with long, black hair fastened at the back of his neck, high cheeks, and impossibly chiseled features. He had full, pink lips that would make a woman cry when they moved over hers. Huh? Where did that thought come from?

She blinked, dazed by the thought, and considered her plan of attack. “What? Oh, the BXM parts.” She swallowed and felt the razor blades she was sure were in her neck slashing from the inside which then proceeded to burn. “They aren’t mine. They never were.”

About Imogene Nix:

A mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats and prize winning chooks. She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship Captains and things that go bump in the night.

She is also a firm believer in writing what you enjoy… something she strictly adheres to!

Where to find Imogene Nix online:

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