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Holiday Kisses - Mistletoe & Holly Post 2

The holidays are fast approaching and I'm so excited to be sharing my holiday short story
Mistletoe & Holly with you. 

~Mistletoe & Holly~

Zoey is going through the normal Christmas Eve ritual with her three-year-old twins. The only difference is that her husband Preston isn’t there to share it with them. He’s been deployed overseas and won’t be home for the holidays.

After Zoey tucks the kids in for the night, she places the gifts under the tree, snuggles on the sofa to watch It's a Wonderful Life, and falls asleep. She’s startled awake by a loud noise. Is she dreaming, or is her Christmas wish standing under the mistletoe?

If you missed part 1 you can read it HERE

Part 2:

A loud sound startled her awake. Looking around she realized it must have come from the TV. Sitting up, she reached for the remote and turned it off. She looked at the clock on the wall and was surprised to see it was just after two in the morning. Zoey was about to get up and go to bed when she heard another noise.

Fear rushed through her body. Is someone in the house? Her heart started to pound when she thought about the twins. I have to protect them. She looked around for her cellphone then remembered she’d left it in the kitchen. Slowly, she got up and walked toward the hall closet to grab the baseball bat they kept in there. As quietly as possible, she shut the closet door and crouched down to hide in the corner.

Her body trembled when she heard heavy footsteps heading toward her. Swallowing hard, she raised the bat above her head, ready to strike.


She looked up and thought she was dreaming. She blinked a few times, not believing what she was seeing. Preston stood under the mistletoe, his arms full of gifts.

“Oh my God, Preston!” she cried, dropping the bat and launching herself into his arms, causing him to drop all the presents. “You scared the hell out of me.” She looked into his eyes. “Are you really here standing under the mistletoe or am I dreaming?”

“Sorry I scared you. I’m really here. I wanted to surprise you and the kids. I missed you, baby.” 

He looked up and smiled. “I guess I am standing under it. What should we do about that?”

“Shut up and kiss me,” she demanded as she hitched her right leg up around his hip.

“With pleasure.” He groaned before his sweet, warm lips met hers.

 “I still can’t believe you’re here.”

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered as his lips met hers once again.

They quickly became overwhelmed and lost in each other. In no time at all, Zoey was lying naked and panting next to the tree as Preston worshiped her body with his hands and mouth.

“Preston, I need you now. It’s been too long.”

He kissed his way up her stomach, stopping to suck each nipple into his mouth.

“God, I’ve missed your body,” he whispered as he slid into her, filling her completely.

They began to move together in perfect sync. The emotions of the last twenty minutes hit her hard and instantly everything in her world was right once again. No matter how hard she fought it, tears fell down as she shuddered in pleasure. Preston’s thrusts became harder and faster, pushing her closer to the release she so needed.


“So close,” he grunted as his hand slid between them.

“God,” she cried as he rubbed her clit causing her to fall over the edge. Zoey’s body shook as her orgasm rushed throughout it.

“Zoey…baby…Christ,” he shouted as he released deep within her.

He collapsed on the floor next to her. He reached for the throw on the couch and pulled her as close as he could, placing it over them.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on her lips “I’m home, baby. Home for good.”

“For good? You mean you don’t have to go back?”

 “Yes, for good.”

“Oh, Preston, this is going to be the best Christmas ever!”

“As much as I would love to lay here all night with you, I would rather ravish you again in our bed.”

Zoey giggled. “Lead the way. I’ll follow you anywhere, soldier.”

See you next week for part 3!

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