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Naughty Little Bedtime Stories Release Day & Giveaway

Bedtime stories that will heat up your night

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories contains twelve short stories that will arouse your senses. You’ll find stories that contain light bondage, food play, ménage (m/m/f), and other erotic events. Each story has a different setting and couple who explore all things naughty in and out of the bedroom.

Content Warning: adult language, graphic sexual situations

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Naughty Little Bedtime Stories includes 12 erotic short stories. Here is a peek into a few of the stories...

From  New Year's Eve Ball

As I was scanning the room, I saw the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. She was standing in the corner swaying to the music. My eyes roamed over her amazing body. She was perfect and wearing a formfitting black gown that hugged every curve. Her light brown hair was pulled back, and a long silver necklace graced her sleek neck. Her jeweled mask just covered her eyes. I was caught off guard when she looked my way, the most beautiful dark brown eyes I’d ever seen staring back at me. She smiled and slowly licked her enticing red lips, causing me to let out a small moan.

I was completely hypnotized as I watched her every move. She glanced my way one more time and smiled again before she turned and headed for the door. I don’t know what came over me, but I needed to go after her and at least talk to her. I placed my drink down on the bar and followed her.

From Unexpected Pleasure

“Let me wash you,” he said as he grabbed my soap and sponge.

He slid the sponge all over my sensitive body and then he carefully washed and rinsed my hair.

“You’re so sexy,” he whispered as he kissed me. “Let’s get dried off and eat. I smelled something great when I walked in. You’ll need all the strength you can get for what I have planned for tonight.”

I giggled as I turned the water off. “And what exactly do you have planned?” I asked as I wrapped a towel around myself.

“I’m going to bury my face between your legs and make you come over and over again.”

I moaned as I felt myself throb. I rubbed my thighs together. “You know the lasagna has at least another ten minutes left to bake.”

He lifted me up and onto the bathroom counter. “Is that so?”

From Last Call

“Morning, beautiful,” I whispered before I placed a kiss on her neck.

“Morning.” She giggled. “I can feel that someone else is awake,” she added as she pressed her backside against my hard cock.

I moved my hand from resting on her stomach to her breasts, caressing them as I kissed her neck. “I don’t have to work until tonight. Do you have any pressing things to tend to this morning?” I whispered in her ear.

“The only thing pressing that I have to tend to this morning is you.”

“Sorry last night was so quick. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Last night was g-great,” she stuttered as I slid a finger through her folds.

From Spicing Things Up

An hour later, Tina sat across from Marc at the diner they always met at, stunned by what he was saying. Marc and Rick had been in a relationship for over three years, and while they fought occasionally, she always thought they were so happy and compatible.

“Tina, I still love him, it’s just I think we may need a little spark or something.”

She blinked and tried to find her voice. “And you think that spark is me?”

“Yes. I’ve already been with you. Rick has very little experience with women, and you two get along so well.”

“So let me get this straight—you want me to have sex with both of you at the same time, no strings attached?”

“Basically,” Marc replied then took a swig of his beer.

Tina did find the idea intriguing, so she weighed the pros and cons in her mind. There were definitely more pros on her mental list. She took a deep, cleansing breath and then answered. “Why not? I am single, and you only live once. Right?”


“Yes, now shut up and buy me a drink before I change my mind.”

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