Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cover Reveal : Phantom Lover

I'm no excited to be officially showing the Phantom Lover Cover made by the amazing Viari Rose.

Olivia Clayton is married to her job. During the day she slaves away at her desk while she counts down the hours until she can fall asleep once again and be joined in her dreams by her phantom lover Aaron. Every morning she wakes up completely sated from a night of passion that feels… so real.

When Olivia's life is in danger will her two worlds collide in time for Aaron to save her?


The story idea hit me one day when I was driving and listening to the song Sweet Dreams by Beyonce.

Phantom Lover will be available in early December on Amazon Only.

I'm almost done writing this story, just working out the last chapter. It will be around 4,500 words and sell for $.99.

My other stories releasing this year are:

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories - September 17th from Beachwalk Press

The Calm Before the Storm - Amazon Only - October 1st (this is for charity)

Vows - date to be announced - from Rebel Ink Press

Tropical Cougar - Cougar Series Book 1 - November 23 - Amazon only

Have a great weekend!

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