Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guest Blog: Brianna by Linda Andrews

Brianna by Linda Andrews

 Love, lies, and an ancient Egyptian curse. Brianna Grey holds the key

to mankind's destruction and someone is willing to kill for it. Having spent most of her life dying of consumption, one man's kiss has resurrected her desire to live. For US Treasury Agent, Duncan Stuart, love means death. He works alone, lives alone and plans to die alone until he meets Brianna again. Under the harsh Egyptian sun, Duncan will break all his rules to save her but will it be enough to overcome the secrets that could get them both killed?

I would like to welcome Linda Andrews.

In the past week, Murphy has taken up residence in my house. The washing machine broke, the new washing machine broke, the skylight leaked, a water line in the attic split and my kitchen ceiling came down on my head (literally), my book has been delayed in publication and I had an audit at work. All of this had me wondering, who the heck is Murphy anyway?

For those who lead a charmed life, Murphy's Law is this: If anything can go wrong, it will.

Usually, in threes but that is a subject for another post. So since Murphy has been visiting me, I decided to do a little background check on him. Who is this unfortunate soul?

The answer is murky to say the least. The saying has been around probably as long as humanity itself, and I'm sure more than one hunter-gatherer society has wished Murphy was a delicacy to fill their empty bellies.

From the mid-1900s various versions of it has appeared in scientific papers. One claims Murphy is a bastardization of Augustus De Morgan, which would be fitting given the nature of the law. The second claim is by Alfred Holt in an engineering paper.

But that doesn't explain the sap whose name is forever attached to the law.

So we come to 1949 and Captain Edward Murphy who worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and was having trouble getting a transducer to work. Here we have the right name, so perhaps this is the origin. And given the military has given us Foo Fighters, FURBAR, ASAP and SNAFU, it's not too far fetched to believe this is the beginning of the name.

 Since the story featuring my Victorian heroine's journey to Egypt has been subjected to Murphy's Law, my publisher has graciously agreed to put the ebook featuring her parents' love story on sale until August 15th.

And as a special bonus for the blog tour, I have a free paranormal short story available here:

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