Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Tropical Cougar

Today's Six Sentences comes form my newest release Tropical Cougar.

Will one night with an older woman change everything?

After finding the love of his life in bed with someone else, twenty-six-year-old Seth Reynolds wanted a fresh start and found it in Jamaica. Being a bartender at one of the island's exclusive resorts has its perks...not the least of them being a very sexy, older woman: Sylvia Radcliff. While she's determined to celebrate her forty-fifth birthday, Seth is equally determined to seduce the most enchanting woman he’s ever met.

My six...

"Get up, sleepyhead, breakfast is here," she said, crawling up his naked body.
"I would rather have you for breakfast, but you have a robe on."
"I couldn't answer the door naked, could I?"
"No, I guess not," he whispered, reaching to tug on the belt of her robe.
"The food will get cold," she replied as she playfully pushed him away.

Tropical Cougar is an Amazon Exclusive from Ruby Lioness Press

See you next week for another six!

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  1. Gonna have to read this one. Love a good cougar story -- like the age difference between the characters.