Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here is a peek into At Sunset - releasing July 21st

Two women, Myrtle Beach, sexy lifeguards—what more could a girl ask for?

Kimberly doesn't believe she could attract the handsome lifeguard sitting on the stand keeping a keen eye on the beach patrons. Muscular, lean and sexy, surely he's not looking at her, but when a beach accident brings them eye-to-eye, she finds herself lost in his gaze.

Daniel works everyday watching the beach-goers, keeping an eagle eye out for problems along the white sandy shores. Sexy women capture his attention on a daily basis, but no one grabs him like Kimberly. Gorgeous and curvy in all the right places, he can't seem to keep his mind on the business at hand as she tans herself in the hot summer sun.

Can the pain of past relationships be overcome for two strangers to find love at Sunset?

The beginning of Chapter 1:

Kimberly and her best friend Amber arrived at the beach and laid their blanket down in what Amber called ‘the perfect spot’. Kim just rolled her eyes; she really didn’t see why this spot was better than any other place on the beach.
“Damn, this sun is hot even this early. I can only imagine what it’ll feel like this afternoon,” Kim complained.
“Quit your bitching. Be happy that we’re here in Myrtle Beach and not in Rhode Island.”
“I wasn’t bitching, just stating a fact. I’m not used to the heat.”
“We both need this vacation and a little fun. It's time to move on from your ex. You know what I always say—"
“Yes, I do. You’ve said it almost a hundred times since we left home,” Kim answered,, her tone full of sarcasm.
“Well, here is a hundred and one. The best way to get over a guy is to get under another.”
Kim sighed and lay down on the blanket. Thoughts of her ex, Michael, floated through her mind. She was tired of feeling sorry for herself, but being dumped for someone else cut deeply. Kim had really thought that he was the one. She pushed those thoughts out of her head and focused on being in paradise, far away from her problems.
Kim sat up after about an hour to grab the water bottle out of her bag. She looked around and noticed the lifeguard glancing in their direction. Obviously, he was looking at Amber. No one ever noticed her when Amber was around. Amber was drop-dead gorgeous, with a killer body, and Kim thought of herself as just an average looking girl. She was five foot three with light brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a small frame. She felt that her breasts were too small, and she hated that her body didn't really have many curves. At twenty years old, she wished her body was more shapely. Out of the corner of her eye she watched the beautiful blond lifeguard scan the crowd as she pulled her hair up into a bun.
“Amber, I think that blond lifeguard over there likes you. He keeps looking over here,” Kim said, as she nudged her friend out of her sleepy state.
“Who? What? Where?” Amber replied, looking around as she sat up.
“Over there.” Kim pointed just as he turned his head and caught her pointing at him. She  ducked her head and blushed in embarrassment.
“Um, Kim, I think the hot lifeguard likes you,” Amber giggled.
“I...I don't think so. No one's ever interested in me.”
“Kim, stop it. You’re beautiful. For some reason you’ve never understood that.”
Kim shook her head. Amber just didn’t understand because she was beautiful and men noticed her all of the time. “There is no way he would be interested in me. Just look at him. He could have any girl here.”
“Yes, he could, but he seems to have his eyes on you.”
Kim was happy when Amber dropped the subject. She adjusted herself on the blanket and closed her eyes. Images of the blond lifeguard fluttered through her mind. She sighed as she pushed all thoughts of him away. Guys like him never went for girls like her. Kim couldn’t settle her mind down and get comfortable; she needed to get away from what was causing her to feel so flustered.
“I’m hungry and I think I’m beached out for the day,” Amber stated as she sat up.
“Me too. Let’s call it a day and get something to eat. Maybe we can play miniature golf tonight or something.”
As Kim and Amber were packing up, Amber poked her.
“What the hell, Amber? That hurt.”
“Look! Mister hot, blond lifeguard guy is watching you. You should go talk to him.”
“Have you lost your mind?”
“You need to live a little and take some chances.’
“You’re impossible. I hope he’s working tomorrow, because you need to meet him.”
“Why? We live states away from each other. Even if he was interested, why bother?”
“Oh Kim, you’re so in need of a hot summer fling. When was the last time you got—”
“Shut up!”
Kim was seething. She loved Amber but the girl never knew when to stop pushing. Amber looked at her and just shook her head.
“You know the best way to get over a guy is to get under another,” Amber said for the umpteenth time as they headed toward the rental car.
“Really Amber, your advice to me is to get laid? So having sex with some random guy will magically heal my heart and make forget about Michael?” Kim snapped.
“I’m sorry. I’m only trying to help.”
“I know, and I love you for it. Just back off.”
Amber nodded.
Happy that Amber had finally dropped the subject of the hot lifeguard, Kim tossed their stuff in the trunk of the car and they headed off to the restaurant.

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