Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No Matter What by Dawne Prochilo

People have their own definition of what romance is and what gentle touches make them swoon.
This is a visual I've had playing in my head for years- just waiting for the right person to act upon it-

Sitting across the table from each other in a crowded restaurant, his hazel eyes staring into my green ones. Never noticing another person in the room. Without breaking eye contact, he reaches across the table, raises his hand, while his fingers grace over my lower cheek. My eye flutter shut, feeling his touch. My mind drifts as his hand trails down my chin and cups half of my face in his hand. A moan escapes from my lips and he takes this as encouragement to continue.

The tips of his fingers glide across my skin, scorching hot. My head falls back allowing him access to my neck. His fingers slowly trace down the side of my throat, his eyes still watching my face.

He sees the passion and desire evolving and all he can think about is taking me in the bathroom, bending me over, lifting my skirt up to expose my soft upper thighs. His hands slide up my creamy skin, feeling my softness.

His hand strokes my neck as he leans forward to whisper, "Meet me in the bathroom. I want to make love to you now."

I open my eyes, staring deep into his, I lick my lips and nod. My fantasy with him is about to come true.

It's not all about being perfect... no love is perfect... no relationship is perfect. In my newest release No Matter What, Chad James is angry at the world. In the last two years, he lost his job and his girlfriend of five years, had to move back home with his elderly parents and found out he has a debilitating central nervous disease that will eventually leave him paralyzed. Confined to a wheelchair, Chad uses his down-on-your-luck attitude to chase people away from him.

That is until Taylor Patrick and her rebellious daughter, Mandi, move in next door to Chad's parents. Taylor has the sweet disposition of a saint and stirs deep feelings within Chad that he thought were dead. The young Mandi is a know-it-all teenager with a major attitude who's pushing Taylor to her parenting limits.

Taylor resents Mandi's father for being a dead-beat and is having trust issues with men in general, no matter their appearances and words. In her mind, anytime a man opens his mouth, he is lying. That is until a knock on her door and she comes face to face with Chad, her new neighbors' disabled son. Something in Chad's brown eyes spark more than just the desire to take care of the man. She has the desire to tell him to lay off the poor little old me attitude plus he has the audacity to tell her how to raise Mandi. The nerve of the man!

Chad and Taylor venture on a love-hate relationship with more then they bargained for. 

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About Dawne:

Dawne is a published romance author, a freelance writer and online journalist, owner of promotional blogs Sex Marks the G-Spot (erotic romance) and Front Seat Romance (sweet romance).

She is a Promotions Director for a publisher.

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