Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tropical Cougar and Southern Embrace Covers

Here are 2 out 3 of the covers for my short summer stories!

Tropical Cougar  

Release June 29th

 Can one night with an older woman change everything?

Twenty-six year old Seth Reynolds wanted a fresh start and ended up in Jamaica a year ago after leaving LA when he found the love of his life in bed with someone else. He landed a job bartending at one of the island exclusive resorts. One night while he’s working at the pool bar he meets the most sexy, older woman he’s ever seen, Sylvia Radcliff. He soon finds out that she’s here with some friends celebrating her forty-fifth birthday. Will Seth be able to seduce the most enchanting woman he’s ever met?

Southern Embrace  

Releases in August 

When the man you thought was your forever is stolen away, can an old flame help a new love blossom?

Savannah Clark’s high school sweetheart, Lance Peterson has to moved away with his family the summer after graduation. He cuts all ties with her, leaving her confused and devastated. A year later she meets the wonderfully handsome and older Stephan Grant while out with friends. The two are instantly captivated with each other. Stephan sets out to sweep her off her feet, help her to heal, and show her it's like to be truly loved. They soon marry and start their lives together.

One tragic night chances everything. At the young age of twenty-three Savannah is left widowed and shut off from the world. Can a chance meeting with her first love bring her back to the land of living? Lance won't take no for an answer he knows that deep down Savannah still loves him. As he breaks down her walls can a new love ignite?

My summer releases promo trailer:

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