Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's Tamaria doing?

I've been typing away like crazy on a menage story!

Working Title : Love's Journey

Ryan Kelly has two of the most beautiful roommates around, Maya and Brooke. He just happens to be in a complicated relationship with them both. The problem is that Ryan has falling in love with Maya. When Brooke makes an announcement that will change things forever between them, will it be the end or the beginning of something new?

I have a little over  8,000 words and my goal is 15,000!

Here is a peek:


After a long day I was finally home. I could hear my roommates going at it, their moans and groans floating through the apartment. They weren't expecting me for another hour. I was a little put off that they started without me. Maya, Brooke and I have been roommates for over a year now. Our unique relationship started about four months ago after an incredible dunk night with Maya. Life was good, I got to screw two of the most beautiful, sexy, and amazing women I knew. So why wasn’t on walking on cloud nine?

As I approached Maya's bedroom, I noticed that the door was slightly opened. I could resist the urge to peek in and watch.  Brooke's tongue was licking Maya's pussy while she pumped two fingers in and out of her. Maya's moans were making my cock unbearably hard. I thought I would explode as Maya slowly started to massage her breasts just as Brooke pushed her over the edge. The site of Maya in ecstasy could only be described as beautiful. I wished it was me that made her look that way. My heart started to race as a wave of jealousy swept over my body as Brooke lay down next to Maya. She started to run her hands over Brooke's body, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to join them.

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