Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guest Blogger WJ Craft

I’m a little bit of a freak, I admit it.

I get turned on by weird stuff. Alien stuff. Female domination stuff.
Things getting into other things that don’t ordinarily (or ever) go
there. People being altered in unimaginable ways, except that I did
imagine it, then I wrote it down.

Maybe it’s not everybody’s thing, but it’s certainly some peoples’
thing to fantasize about men getting shock collars and the women
getting the remote controls to them. To imagine a cool alien tendril
sliding itself into a woman’s body and mind and giving her a new
perspective on this strange thing called the human race. After all, if
women ruled the world, there would be far fewer wars.

My goal in all this is to make the women wet and the men tingle. I’ve
been reading science fiction since I was little, including all the
golden-age greats like Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, E. E. “Doc”
Smith, L. Sprague de Camp, Andre Norton (a woman!) and many more
lesser-known authors. So that’s why I combine science fiction with
erotica, because it excites me, and I know it can excite others. Maybe
not everybody, but I’m not trying to excite everybody.

What gets me off isn’t just the mechanical nature of sex: Putting tab
A into slot B. What I want is the look on my partner’s face, the
sounds they make, the touch of skin on skin, the taste of them. I also
enjoy a little element of danger or risk sometimes, and I very much
love female domination. What I don’t like about femdom is the pain and
torture aspects. Heels pressed into someone’s back, suffocation,
whipping... no. Intimacy should be about pleasure and love.

As alien as my erotic stories can get, the element of pleasure is
always there. If someone’s going to be incapacitated against their
will, it’s going to be because they’re subject to the most incredible
forced orgasm they’ve ever had. If someone’s held captive and altered
in some way, they end up becoming a better person for it.

True, some of my upcoming horror stories will deviate from this, but
that’s why they’re set aside in a horror collection. Erotica, on the
other hand, is about pleasurable fantasies, and I hope my stories make
you tingly and wet, over and over.

Chicks In Charge by WJ Craft

An Erotic Short Story Collection

Over 20,000 words of intriguing and playful delights where women come out on top in a variety of ways!

Chainsaw Chicks of Chinese Camp: Are the legends true? Are four amazons lying in wait in this tiny rural town for their perfect boy toys to come along and play with them?

Zap: While researching a possible preventative for epileptic seizures, a scientist stumbles onto a very interesting use for her new app.

Take Me To Your Leader: In this 1940s retro tale, a military translator gets up close and personal with some newly-landed alien emissaries.

The Gnome World Order: Find out what really goes on underneath those seemingly innocent pointed red hats.

Little Shoppe of Enchantments: Augustus Pound takes a wrong turn with some rather questionable results. This version includes the longer alternate ending, not available anywhere else!

Cowboy: They seemed like ordinary women in the greasy spoon in town, but they had plans for Jack Barnes and his equipment.

Rosa Erotica: Lyrical and touching. A 500-word ode to the spirit of the rose goddess and a warrior's epiphany.

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