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Judy Powell Author Interview and Hot Summer Giveaway

Today I have Judy Powell with me and she is giving away her newest release Hot Summer to one lucky commentor. But first let's get to know Judy Powell.

Judy, tell us about yourself.

Hi, Tamaria.  Thanks so much for having me on your blog.

I’m a Virgo.  Hmm, now what does that say about me?  Actually, I have no idea.  Maybe someone can email me and tell me what Virgos are supposed to be like. 

Seriously, though, I’m a sales consultant (day job) and a mommy (all of the time job) and a writer (early morning job) who has written 3 romance novels – ‘Hot Summer’, ‘Hot Chocolat’ and ‘Some Like It Hot’ – as well as a literary novel – ‘Coffee, Cream and Curry’.  A couple of them have won awards.  All are sold in the Amazon kindle store.

Do you prefer:

Milk chocolate or Dark? 
I’m a milk chocolate kind of girl, especially the ones with peanuts in the middle.  I have a confession to make - I bought a box of chocolate coated peanuts yesterday, planning to make it last me all week.  Ate them all within the space of two hours.  Oh, the horror!

Coffee or tea? 
Tea, please.  I only drink coffee if I have to drive long distances.  It also helps me stay up late to watch re-runs of ‘Reba’.

Vodka or tequila? 
Never had either one.  I don’t drink.  Am I boring? :  )

Romance or a Thriller? 
I adore romance novels.  Thrillers are good, too, but with me a romance novel will win out every time.

Mystery or Horror?
Hmm, maybe mystery.  I hate scary stuff.  I’m a bit of a wimp, I guess.

Did you always want to be an author?

Actually, no.  I remember when I was six years old I told my aunt I wanted to be a nurse like her.  Even in high school my nickname was ‘Nurse’.  I was a member of the Red Cross Club and used to wear a white uniform and a tiny red hat. (Did someone say ‘nerd’?  Yeah, that was me.  Big time).  One thing, though, I always loved books.  I got my first library card when I was five years old.  The very first book I checked out was ‘Ramona the Pest’.  I’ve devoured books ever since.  My love of reading developed into a love of writing and so, about six years ago, my writing career was born.

What authors had an impact on you growing up and as an adult?

Several years ago I read ‘The Wolf and the Dove’, a historical romance novel by Kathleen Woodiwiss.  I fell in love with the author’s storytelling prowess, the conflicts and the sexual tension between the main characters.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided I wanted to write a romance novel, too.  Now, even with three romance novels of my own, every now and then I still grab one of the three copies of ‘The Wolf and the Dove’ on my bookshelf and get lost in the story all over again.  I’m staring at the books on my shelf right now. Look away, Judy.  You know if you ever start reading you won’t want to put it down then you’ll be late and the whole day will go haywire.  Okay, conscience.  I hear you.  Sigh…

Did anyone in your life influence you or encourage you to be a writer?

I give thanks that various friends have encouraged me to pursue my dream of writing but none more than Bobby Treasure, who was instrumental in making me believe in myself and my dream.  He gave me the push that it took for me to get my work out there.  I also give thanks to my Composition 101 teacher in college whose note on my first assignment I have never forgotten – ‘You have a genuine talent in writing’.  That one statement stuck in my head and encouraged me to follow my dream.

What is your writing atmosphere like?

Chaos.  I have paper strewn everywhere, books piled high on the floor, a hamster snoring in her little cage behind me and a bird who insists on perching in the chandelier above my head and offering her gift of tiny bird poo pebbles every now and then.  Excuse me…I have to shoo her off before she does it again.   Oh, what I would give for a real office!

Despite the challenges I get the work done, though.  I get up at 4 a.m. every day, weekends included, and try to get as much work done before 7 a.m. when the day begins and I have to get my son out of bed and get myself ready for the day job.

What is your favorite aspect of writing? Your Least Favorite?

I love research.  If I’m not careful I’ll get lost in historical works, biographies, internet sites, and forget to write!  That’s my greatest sin – procrastination.  ‘Oh, I can’t get started till I have all the background information’.  That’s one of my favorite excuses.  Bad, Judy.  Get back to work.  (giving hand a sharp slap). 

My least favorite part is getting through the middle.  I fly when I’m starting and I know how it will end but, Lord, slugging through the middle is hard work.  It’s quite a challenge to keep the novel exciting all the way through but who ever said writing was easy?  It’s work, real work, but when you have the finished product in hand it’s all worth it.

Your current book you’re promoting is:

The book I’m promoting today is ‘Hot Summer’, which was first runner up in a writing competition sponsored by Toronto Romance Writers.  It’s also on the Amazon contemporary romance bestseller list.  Here’s what it’s about:

It’s at a great price:  only $ 0.99!

How did you come up with the story line?

My friend, Bobby, is a music producer and hanging out with him got me interested in music so I gave my hero a career in that industry.  Then, of course, you’ve got to have some sizzle in the story so I had to pit the hero against a feisty woman who knows how to stand up to an alpha male.  And so, Summer Jones was born.  The settings are places I love – Chicago, a wonderful city of culture and Jamaica, an island of beauty and character.

How do you choose your characters names?

I love playing around with character names, male names in particular.  My characters’ names are a reflection of their personality.  My men have strong names – Lance, Rod and King.  Summer’s name reflects her hot temper, Lisa is as soft and sweet as her name sounds, and Debbie Lee Grant is a blue-blooded American from the heart of the country.  Right now I have a list of about 12 names for heroes in future novels.  If only I could write novels as fast as I find great names!

Well, that’s me in a nutshell.  It’s been great hanging with you guys and I hope to drop in again soon.  If you’d like to check out my other books or learn more about me please click on the link and stop by for a chat:  Website I’m looking forward to your visit.

Much love and blessings to you all!

A hot-tempered spitfire and a sexy, arrogant man - put them together and sparks fly!

After her first embarrassing encounter Summer Jones vows to stay away from suave record producer, Lance Munroe. But then she ends up working for the man. Her quick temper and sharp tongue keep landing her in hot water with him but no matter how hard she tries she can't deny her growing attraction for him. Then they go on a business trip to Jamaica - and her world is turned upside down.
Lance is intrigued by the feisty woman who practically tells him off the first time they meet. When they begin working together he realizes how much he enjoys the challenge of taming the little tigress. But, before he knows it, he's the one caught in the snare of passion. The tables are turned - the tigress has tamed the lion.
If you love the sizzle of a romance between two strong-willed individuals, follow Summer and Lance from Chicago to Jamaica and be swept away in the thrill of their hot summer.

As he spoke he leaned back into the couch and peered up at her through half-closed eyes. She turned away from his gaze and quickly opened the bottles and poured bubbling liquid into both glasses.
“Here you go,” she said with a smile and handed him the drink. She sat on the edge of the sofa beside him but as far away as was polite. She put the glass to her lips and sipped the sharp cold liquid, feeling the bubbles bursting in her mouth.
She felt his eyes on her and gulped more liquid, then opened her eyes wide as it flooded her throat. Her eyes burned and she struggled to swallow but it was no use. Before she could cover her mouth she coughed violently, spraying her lap and the coffee table with soda.
Summer clapped her hands over her mouth, but too late. The damage was already done.  Her eyes grew huge with distress and she looked across at Lance, hot with embarrassment.
“Are you alright?” He’d quickly rested his glass on the table and was leaning towards her, a large white handkerchief in his hand. She took it gratefully, still coughing. Then the spasms gradually subsided and she was able to look at him again. Her eyes were brimming with tears.
“Are you crying?” He looked incredulous, almost out of his depth, as he raised his hand and wiped away a tear with his thumb.
Summer dabbed at her eyes, sniffed, then looked up at him again, her lips curling into a grin.  “Of course not, silly. I’m not crying. It’s the coughing that made my eyes fill up with tears.” Somehow, seeing him look so nonplussed had made her more at ease with him.
“Silly, huh?” He smiled back at her.  “You’re the one who gulped down a carbonated drink too fast and ended up losing the whole lot all over yourself. So, who’s silly?”
While he was speaking Lance had rested his arm at the back of the couch right behind her head and had begun to gently stroke her nape with his thumb. Summer swallowed hard but couldn’t get the lump out of her throat.
 “I guess…I am,” she said, her voice breathless.
“Yes,” he whispered as he leaned forward to press his warm lips against the side of her neck, “you are.”
Summer’s breath came in shallow gasps as she sat still, not feeling she could move even if she wanted to. She was like a bird frozen in the mesmerizing stare of a snake, knowing it was about to be eaten alive but not able to make a move to save its own life.
She moaned and closed her eyes as his lips stroked the sensitive skin then moved to the base of her throat where he licked softly and gently. She didn’t realize that she was still clutching the handkerchief tightly in her hand until she felt his strong fingers pry hers open to pull it away so that he could seduce her palm with his thumb.
“Relax, baby.” He moved his lips up her neck and to her ear.  “You’re so tense. Just relax.”
As he spoke he pushed her back gently into the plush pillows and began to nibble her ear lobe. He gave a lick just behind her ear and shock waves ran down her spine.
“Oh, God,” she breathed, “what are you doing to me?”
“What someone should have done to you a long time ago, Summer Jones,” he whispered.  “Teach you what it means to be a woman.”
He dipped his head and slid his lips back down her neck, over her collar bone and down to that oh, so sensitive place between the curves of her breasts. Here he paused and she held her breath, eyes shut tight, wondering if he was going to stop now. She prayed he wouldn’t.
She was not disappointed. An involuntary gasp escaped her lips as he slipped a warm tongue down her cleavage, sliding it between the orbs and teasing her soft flesh until her body screamed and she felt she would die from the sweet sensation. She grabbed the back of his head and pressed him into her, wanting more of the pleasure, more of the sweetness…

* * * *

I bought this book last night and I can't wait to dive into it! 
Please leave a comment below with your name and email address for a chance to win a FREE copy of  Hot Summer. 


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