Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Introducing Tropical Cougar and Naughty Little Bedtime Stories

The last two days have been a whirlwind for me. My debut Novella Obsession released Monday and I have received two contracts. One for Tropical Cougar from Ruby Lioness Press and one for Naughty Little bedtime Stories.

Tropical Cougar
Will be a part of Ruby Lioness Press Call for Cougar Series

Twenty-six year old Seth Reynolds wanted a fresh start and ended up in Jamaica a year ago after leaving LA when he found the love of his life in bed with someone else. He landed a job bartending at one of the island exclusive resorts. One night while he’s working at the pool bar he meets the most sexy, older woman he’s ever seen, Sylvia Radcliff. He soon finds out that she’s here with some friends celebrating her forty-fifth birthday. Will Seth be able to seduce the most enchanting woman he’s ever met?

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories
I've received a contract from Beachwalk Press
 Bedtime Stories for adults!
This book will contain 12 short stories (1500-1750 words each) they will include a menage, light bondage, food play, and much more.
New Year’s Eve Ball
Jeffery’s divorce is final and his sister and brother-in-law talk him into attending a Masquerade Ball on New Year’s Eve. He has one goal, getting laid.

Giving In
Crystal and Victor’s relationship is heating up both in and out of the bedroom. Will she give in to his dominate side and let go? 

The Great Outdoors
Brett plans a special day of horseback riding and a picnic for his fiancé Kristen. Things heat up between them quickly in the great outdoors.

Unexpected Pleasure
Taylor is expecting her boyfriend Kent over for dinner. What she didn’t expect was the amazing pleasure she found while taking a shower.

Spicing Things Up
Marc and Rick have been in a committed relationship for three years. Lately things have sizzled down in the bedroom. Marc asked his best friend Tina is she would be willing to help them spice things up.

Strawberries and Whip Cream
Brody has a special night planned for his girlfriend Emma. They're spending the evening together and she is bringing over dinner. What she doesn’t realize is that she will be the dessert.

Instant Attraction
Actress Jewel Harris meets NASCAR driver Slade Wilson in the greenroom of a talk show and sparks fly between them. Will the give into their instant attraction after they have lunch together.

Business or Pleasure
Russell Cooper was being accompanied by his personal assistant Sabrina on a business trip. Their attraction for each other has become more intense. Will this be about business or pleasure?

Last Call
Jude had a long day at the hospital and stopped at a local bar in town on his way home. He instantly fell for the much younger bartender Bianca. After a few dates she invites him over to his place after last call one night.

After a steamy night of phone sex Ava is happy that Chad is taking her away for the weekend. The anticipation of having him all alone is driving her crazy. Will they make it to their destination before their need for each other takes over?

Opening Night
Carolyn Meyers is covering an Art Galleries opening night for an up and coming artist. When she meets a mysterious and handsome man named Jeremy. As the night goes on things steam up between them.

Christian and Alyssa are on their honeymoon in Barbados. They are staying and a secluded resort. Another couple told them about this lagoon and waterfall, they set out to find it. The beauty over overwhelms them and passion ignites.