Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's Tamaria doing?

Happy Tuesday all!

I've had a busy few days. I submitted a sexy little story called At Sunset to a publisher yesterday. Now, I sit and wait.

At Sunset

Kimberly just finished her sophomore year of college and is broken-hearted after her longtime boyfriend breaks up with her. She is so thankful that a few months back her best friend and roommate Amber talked to her into taking a vacation. The two of them are off to spend four fun filled days in Myrtle Beach.  Amber assures Kim that this trip will be the perfect distraction and maybe a little beach fling may be in order.
Kim and Amber are just relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun when Kim notices the stunning blond life guard is looking their way. Kim brushes Amber off when she points out that the hot lifeguard is actually looking at Kimberly. The next day after laying in the sun Kim and Amber decide to take a swim, a mishap causes the very hansom lifeguard to save Kim and changes everything. More than she ever expects happens when sparks fly between her and Daniel. Can she fight the feeling he ignites in her? On her last night there Daniel plans a romantic date on the beach at sunset and things heat up between the two quickly.

I'm currently working on:

Naughty Little Bedtime Stories
 Bedtime Stories for adults!
This book will contain 12 short stories (1500-1750 words each) they will include a menage, light bondage, food play, outdoor sex,  fantasies, and much more.

Well writing these stories I wrote a M/M/F menage and it won't leave me alone. So it wont wont be a part of NLBS, but I'm going to try and write it as a full story called Destiny Awaits.

Destiny Awaits

Marc and Rick have been in a relationship for three years. Lately things have cooled down between them sexually. Marc suggests that they spice things up in the bedroom by inviting his best friend Tina to join them. After the first encounter they are left wanting more. Marc and Rick realize that what they are missing in their relationship is Tina, she completes them. Will Tina want to enter into this type of lifestyle? 
My goal is 15,000 words I have just under 2,000. You can watch my progress of both Naughty Little Bedtime Stories and Destiny Awaits in the side bar!

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