Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Countdown to Southern Embrace $10.00 Amazon Gift Card - Day 3

It's Hump Day!
 Next Monday my novella Southern Embrace releases! This week (Monday- Friday) I'll be celebrating the countdown to release day by sharing snippets from the story and asking a question about romance.

Next Monday I'll be awarding a lucky winner a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card! To enter to win just answer the question. For each question you answer during the week your name will go into the drawing! Answer all 5 questions and you'll get 5 entries!

Today question is...

What is the most romantic thing anyone has done for you?

For me this was a hard one to answer. My husband has done many romantic things for me over the years. But the ones that stick out aren't the flowers and the candy, it's when he went out of his way to do something nice for me.

He threw me a surprise (yes, I did find out about it hand. He's not that sneaky) 40th birthday party. The fact that he really tried to make the party perfect melted my heart!

Sometimes it's the simple things, like when the clock sprang ahead the clock on my car dashboard was wrong for a few days. ( I don't know how to change it) One morning I got in and the time was changed. A big smile crossed my face and I texted him a huge thank you! See with me it's the little things.

Today, I'm sharing with you one of my favorite scenes...

As the night went on, more of Nikki’s and Van’s friends showed up and the band began to play. Van sat at the bar and watched as Lance talked to a very attractive lady. Her blood boiled as she watched the hussy who was dressed in almost nothing laugh and toss her hair around. Lanced glanced her way, and she quickly turned around. Nikki was standing next to her with a scowl on her face.

“What?” Van asked.

She sat down next to her. “You, my dear, need to stake a claim on that man before someone else gets their hooks into him. Van, I love you, but you’re letting your future slip through your fingers. Lance is over-the-top in love with you, and you keep giving him mixed signals. Life doesn’t offer many second chances. Don’t blow it. You’ll regret it.”

“Really, it looks like he’s pretty into her.”

“Oh, wake up. He’s only over there because Craig wants to get into her friend’s pants.”

“What the hell do you want me to do?”

“Get off your ass and walk over there and ask him to dance for starters. And when you’re dancing invite him to be your date for my wedding. We’ve already invited him, but let the man know you want more than just a friendship. Hell, Van, the way you look at him is undeniable.”

Van picked up her vodka and tonic and took a long drink. “I can’t. If I open this can of worms, there is no going back. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”

“Don’t look now but that oversexed floosy just put her hand on his arm and is whispering something to him.”
A wave of pure jealousy flowed through Van’s body, and before she could even think about it she was walking toward Lance. He saw her coming and their eyes met. The look on his face was that of total confusion. Once she was inches away from him, she smiled politely at the girl and said, “Sorry to interrupt, but you’re under the misconception that Lance is available. I’m here to let you know that he’s not.” She turned to Lance who had his mouth hanging open.

“Would you like to dance?”

Her heart was pounding. What if he said no? Lance just stared at her and every second that ticked by felt like an eternity.

“Yes!” he finally answered. He took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

Their bodies melded together perfectly as they swayed to the music. She hadn’t danced with him since the prom.

“What was that about? Not that I mind. I was only there because Craig wanted to meet her friend.”

“I’m sorry. I had no right to interrupt, but when she touched you I just lost it.”

“What did you mean by I’m not available?”

She looked up and into his eyes. They smoldered with hope. “Lance, I want to be more than just friends, but I need to take this slow.”

“Baby, I can do slow. But are you really ready to let me in?”

She reached up and placed her hand around his neck and pulled him to her. She licked her lips and then brushed them against his lightly. Sparks flew through her veins. “Yes,” she whispered against his lips.

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  1. My husband for no reason at all gave me flowers and took me out to eat on a very bad day that I was having..

  2. One of my friend's brother had come to see his sister when we were roommates but he ended up staying the night because something had happened that night and I didn't want to be alone. We were not dating in any way at all, but he held me while I slept. It was the most romantic thing that has happened to me and that was 13 years ago.

  3. It was when I found out that the migraine I'd been suffering from would in fact never go away; as it is being caused by a blood clot in my brain. And rather unfortunately the clot is both inoperable and med-resistant.

    Needless to say, I thought my world was coming to an end; but he made me realise it was just another step along the path. It was several weeks before I could even begin coming to terms with it all. Truly I was in a right state; but he never left my side.

    I couldn't possibly go into all he did, but believe me when I say I've never felt more loved and cherished in my life. To most tis perhaps not the most romantic story, but for me it was better than anything my wildest, sappiest, dreams could imagine.

    (And just for you Tammy, as I know you are well aware of the bane of my existence *cough*tweedles*cough* and you well know they'd never have left my side during it all. Welllllll, he even managed to keep those bloody annoying leprechauns in line. Now that's saying something, eh??)

  4. I can't really think of anything really romantic that someone has done for me (which could help explain why I am still single). Non-romantically, when I was laid up on bed rest due to blood clots, my family was great, even going to the library to check out lots of books for me (this was before I had an ereader and the ability to purchase books from my bed, lol).
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. My husband does a lot of little sweet things that are romantic, whether it is suprising me with breakfast or stopping for a bouquet of tulips. I like the little things that show he was thinking of me, it doesn't have to be a grand gesture